Coscia Flagship Store at Global Harbor Shanghai

Coscia Flagship Store at Global Harbor Shanghai

Embark On A Journey Through A Surreal Desert World

Breaking the boundaries between reality and illusion, the ADS (All Design Studio) practically explores desert imagery from dreams, fantasies, and the subconscious. Through unexpected and unconventional means, they combine colors, materials, and forms to create a new store for the Italian boutique brand Coscia at the Global Harbor Shopping Center in Shanghai, China.

The Disorderly Orderly – Deconstruction of the entrance space

The entrance area features intricately carved embedded window blocks on the left side, separated from a shared stainless steel and micro-cement wall. Various geometric shapes of different sizes and materials are placedhere, appearing as if randomly assembled, yet forming a harmonious entirety. The contrast between traditional wood tones and modern minimalist structural design breaks the inherent balance, delineating a contrasting atmosphere between the interior and exterior.

Interpretation of modern aesthetics through material contrasts.

Upon entering the space, the use of champagne and sunset orange, as Coscia brand colors, evokes warmth and tranquility. Transforming the initial structural columns at the center of the space, we discard traditional retro coloring and paint. Instead, we cover their surfaces with tree trunk veneers, reflecting the natural beauty of wood.

Interpretation of modern aesthetics through material contrasts

The organic warmth and unique texture of the natural wood veneer contrast sharply with the cold, glossy, and durable qualities of industrial metal materials.These two completely different yet complementary materials in the space create a visual effect that intertwines the virtual with the future.

The geometric forms repeat the combination of wood and metal in different areas of the cabinet structure, side panel structure, or installation of the hanging systemmaintaining a consistent design language throughout the entire space.

On the other side of the central load-bearing column, ADS makes full use of the inherent characteristics of the structure by ingeniously enclosing two fitting rooms within it. This arrangement caters to the functional needs of different usage scenarios it can serve as a cylindrical installation, a display cabinet, a wardrobe, or even a showcase window.

Coscia Flagship Store at Global Harbor Shanghai

The design seamlessly aligns with the definition of a multi-brand boutique, aiming to enrich the combination of different brands, fashion pairings, and functionality, thus creating a unique structural language within the space.

Italian natural elements amidst the play of dappled light

The inspiration for the flooring comes from stones and fine sand attached to the surface of sandy deserts, with dots like pebbles dotting the delicate texture of the ground. The design of the ceiling draws inspiration from the intricate structures of Italian interior architecture, simplified with modern techniques. Circular suspended ceilings and acrylic lightboxes are embedded in cubic soft film ceiling lights, creating a gentle and ethereal lighting environment.

Circular suspended ceilings and acrylic lightboxes are embedded in cubic soft film ceiling lights, creating a gentle and ethereal lighting environment.

Texture Symphony – Industrial Sharpness Meets Natural Elegance

The cash register delineates an independent semi-open space with gentle lines on the entrance side. The wide view allows for oversight of every corner of the overall space. Around the space,the design team layers metal, glass, and wood materials to create the retail area for accessories and shoes.

Brown glass is placed on the metal structural columns, complemented by wooden structural elements to provide support for hanging displays, showcasing the symbiotic relationship between sharpness and elegance, industrialism, and nature.

Texture Symphony - Industrial Sharpness Meets Natural Elegance

ADS excels at discovering the beauty of raw architecture and respecting the natural characteristics of materials, combining different materials in unique forms, and enhancing the qualities of each material through contrast. Wooden eyewear display counters are carefully arranged on gray concrete surfaces, preserving the space’s original texture.

A Dialogue Across Time and Reality – The Magnificent Realm

Near the entrance, ADS meticulously reorganized and reshaped the originally irregular spatial layout, delineating retail areas for shoes and handbags. This maintained a sense of openness and depth while providing a more stable spatial structure.

A Dialogue Across Time and Reality

The subtly revealed imagery behind the glass partitions employs modern mosaic pixel art techniques to recreate 14th-century Italian Renaissance paintings, paying homage to the Italian heritage of the Coscia brand.

The unique “composition” formed by composite colored glass, striped geometric structures, and jade green floor tiles is cleverly “suspended” using steel wire ropes, creating a progressivecolor atmosphere that harmonizes with the materials of each block.

Vintage Tranquility and Luxury Encounter

The adjacent VIP area resembles an oasis nestled in canyon crevices. Using structural columns and furniture, the space exudes fluidity with moss-green curved sofas, apricot-shaped coffee tables, amber glass-like textured ceilings, piano lacquer wood finishes, and cabinet screens.

The floor extends scattered polka dots onto holly green carpets, adding a light and nostalgic vintage touch. The serene and luxurious private space, conducive to attending to and serving customer needs features separate tea rooms and fitting rooms, emphasizing the pleasure and comfort of being in the space.

Vintage Tranquility and Luxury Encounter

ADS presents the  Argyle pattern (commonly printed on fabrics) on the walls, exploring the connection between fashion and space, providing a “prism” for space users and fashion wearers to view the inner world and external environment. The contrast between lines and color blocks gives the overall space a sense of breathability and liveliness.

Coscia Boutique

Location L016, 1st Floor, Global Harbor Shopping Center, Shanghai, China
Design Firm ADS (All Design Studio)
Design Team Gnial Liang, Simin Liu, Yiyi Zhang
Area 335 sqm
Photo credits Yun She Photography Studio