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Imayo has over 150 years of the history as a long standing jeweller in Kyoto.

Originally Imayo was in the business to make some Komamono – accessories for Kimono, the Japanese traditional costume.


However, since then, Imayo has slowly grown their business to manufacture various kinds of the jewelries as main merchandise and now have themselves known as a jewelry brand. This store is located on Oike-dori, which is one of the most historical streets in Kyoto.

This is where every year many famous Kyoto’s festivals are carried out. In the neighborhood, there are some 5 star Japanese inns among which are with over 200 years of the history, luxury restaurants with Japanese and international cuisine and high end furniture stores which certainly represent this area not only as the center of the Kyoto’s history but also as the center of Kyoto’s up to date style and beauty.

This store’s main seller is a collection called “ICHAROI”, which is a bridal jewelry line.


Store design

The store design has been created in such a way that all the people including the youth at bridal age can appreciate the historical importance of the Kyoto’s architectural virtue, but also feel a sense of the modernity originated from it.

Two design motifs are incorporated into the store design. One is called “Ireko-moyo” – Ireko pattern shown at the window facade.

This is a nested structure where various sizes of Ireko, a square measuring wood cup used in old days, are placed over each other. Another motif is called “Wa-gakubuchi” shown in the interior, which is a Japanese picture frame with round corners. These two motifs are arranged in such a way that “Old” but “New” designs co-exist in the store design.

As for the square show windows outside the frontal glass symmetrically locate at both right and left side, by designing the nested various sizes of Ireko one by one, the passerby’s attention can be drawn from the peripheral lines to the center gradually.

The frosted lines designed on the glass at exterior also work as a subtle shade so that the interior of the store is not too visible from the side walk. As for the interior design, the wall is decorated with the Wa-gakubuchi in Japanese lacquer and designed as if every moment of the day to day interaction with customers and store staff, and the jewelries can be framed as the painting object and is hung along the wall.

A back space area is covered by a silver leaf screen. This oxidize look of the silver screen stabilizes the whole interior design as “Old” but “New” to some degrees

IMAYO Oike st. Kyoto
Client IMAYO
Store Design Kazuo Adachi/ Fresco inc.
Area 49 sqm
Contractor Geotech Co.Ltd.
Photos courtes
y Seiryo Yamada

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