Moriyuki Ochiai Architects designed a commercial space combining a beauty salon and a café.

Interior design - Salone di bellezza Harmonia

Deliverables included three rooms functioning as a cafe, a hair cutting area, and a shampooing area, and arranged in that order from the entrance to the back of a long, slender, cavern-like space.

The entire salon, designed by Moriyuki Ochiai Architects, is decorated with layered floating louvers and waves of color, aiming to create a space that gently envelops people.

In the standing cafe area, the polygonal openings in the walls and the white ceiling formations dance and resonate in many different directions, creating the lively atmosphere that was required for this space.

In the hair salon area behind the sliding door, white louvers spread across the ceiling, their forms morphing from curves to polygons with intricate expressions, leading you deeper and deeper into the space. Waves of vibrant blue color on the wall drift through the space as if blending with the louvers.

Depending on the position and incidence of the viewer’s gaze, the stereoscopic overlapping of the louvers changes dynamically or subtly depending on the angle, and the rich expressions created by the changing layers resonate like something organic and alive, giving the entire space a fresh energy.

In the cave, where the echoes of the floating louvers spread out, the entire space changes its expression continuously as you move further into it, creating a spatial experience with a deepening and shifting depth.

Harmonia Beauty Salon/Café
Location: Tokyo
Design Firm: Moriyuki Ochiai Architects
Design Team: Moriyuki Ochiai, Jun Ueda, Amit Arunabh
Constructor: Aslego
Special Paint: Osamu Yamaguchi
Lighting: Kayo Yokoyama (Koizumi Lighting)
Photos courtesy:  Fumio Araki

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