Optique Ampère Grenoble by Cyrille Druart.

Optique Ampère Grenoble by Cyrille Druart.

📅18 Novembre 2013, 11:11

Thomas Dupré, succeeding from a long line of French opticians, decided to create his optical shop in Grenoble, France, and called on designer Cyrille Druart to come up with an original concept.

The shop is located in a new residential building. One starting point was found in an existing oblique beam made of exposed concrete. The overall formal concept ensued, and is echoed in all the slanted walls.

The guiding principle inside is easily noticeable, with a glasses display shelving that runs for 90 sqm, spread over eights levels.

It provides a frame to the shop, and visual continuity with the street outside. The pure-white central display is supported by invisible glass structures, reminiscent of optical transparency.

The project works on both the interior and exterior design simultaneously, in order to shape a plunging perspective visible from the street, and catch the attention of passers-by.

The interior uses a fluid formal language, and gives the visitor a step-by-step itinerary through products, paced by dynamic-shaped furniture throughout.
Optique Ampere Grenoble

Designer, Interior Architect, also passionate about Photography, Cyrille Druart excels in many fields. He grew up in an artistic environment, immersed in surrealism on his mother’s side, which has had a profound influence on his work and interest in the imaginary. His father, an industrial designer, exposed him to the technical side of the profession. A creator at heart, he strives to design modern, non-decorative environments, but with an underlying language and sense of wonder.

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