Lacoste Flagship Store Video Walls

Lacoste Flagship Store New York

Lacoste, the alligator shirt guys, are using new video walls in some flagship stores to communicate the brand, tell its story, and sell stuff.

The stores, including the 5th Avenue Flagship in New York City, have various video walls, including a ceiling display in Miami.

Lacoste Flagship Store Video Walls New York

The content, says a news release from technology supplier YCD Multimedia, tells the brand story from conception, to the first clothing line and materials used, and segues to current days where there are many colors available based on the original concept of René Lacoste.

The content was developed by LACOSTE and is updated remotely by LACOSTE HQ. The Miami store on Lincoln Road was lit up on the heels of similar installs at the Lacoste Soho boutique and the 5th Avenue site. We wanted to convey our brand and communicate with customers in a very modern way,” said Peter Wiegand, Senior Project Manager at LACOSTE. “In order to do this we needed a solution that wouldn’t compromise on the quality of playback or be a barrier for LACOSTE Corporate to update the content. After examining various solutions, we came to the conclusion that YCD’s Messenger best fits our needs.”