METAL SPOT: Light for custom made projects.

Technology and functionality with a rigorous and modern aesthetics but also a lot of versatility: these are the keywords which Metal Spot brings to Euroluce 2013.

With a reinterpretation and updating of the craftmans’ spirit, which brought to found the Company more than 50 years ago, today Metal Spot puts its experience and know how to keep on responding the needs of the market in an attentive and punctual way, with new products and most of all with its customer service, a trademark ever since.

METAL SPOT Light for custom made projects

Conscious of the choices taken in the last years, the Company keeps on following its path which led it to be more and more in contact with designers looking for a technical architectural lighting, strongly focused with design.

In order to suit these needs, Metal Spot refined its proposal, which today is made not only of single fittings but complete product families and systems , to solve different issues related to lighting.

The idea is to give designers the tools to have a taylor-made lighting for each project and to reach different applications; from museum and exhibit, to contract and retail lighting, reaching wellness areas and residential installations as well.

A customized light for environments of different dimensions and functions which, by exploiting  the potential of LED technology, grants energetic efficiency , excellent chromatic rendition and a lighting of high quality.


The small dimensions of LED gave the chance to emphasize the aesthetical philosophy of the Company, with its love for clean, essential lines, reduced thickness and formal lightness.

Further to this, the challenge was to design products which, made to exploit at their best the potential of LED technology, could house other light sources still very used as well, such as halogen or HQI, in order to grant the best versatility.

Among the top proposals for Euroluce 2013: Transformer, a floodlight which has already in its name the mission of aesthetic and technical flexibility and versatility, Wolf, a super light wall fitting, and Flik&Flok, a family of wall/ceiling  floodlights, round and square shaped, to complete the offer of architectural products of the Company.

Anyway, the updating of the product range is the main task of Metal Spot for the year 2013; many small and big novelties for a catalogue ready to use and responding to the real needs of design; further to this, a surprise to be revealed exclusively inside the stand.


Metal Spot an historical brand of lighting Made in Italy, was founded in 1957 by Orazio Spada and still today is managed by the family Spada.

This continuity made possible, although the natural evolution of the Company all over the years, to hold a steady work philosophy made of seriousness, attention to the customer’s needs and desire to offer products of aesthetic and technical quality.

This philosophy allowed to keep steady the Company’s fame and to face successfully the world of LED technology, now strongly present in most of its product range.

During the last years the Company focused its manufacturing on products and lighting systems with a high design content, suitable either for contract or residential use. Functional and at the same time technical products, with a modern aesthetics made of clean, essential beauty, where details make the difference.

The current aim of the Company is to present a wide and complete offer, in order to give the possibility to designers and specifiers to solve with one single supplier the different issues related to lighting in whatever project and installation.

The Metal Spot catalogue is housing today a number of product families with different dimensions and light sources, from wall fittings to floodlights, cable and rail track systems, in line voltage and tri-phase.

The counseling and assistance service during the project, installation and handling are another strength: thanks to its flexible structure, firmly present in the market thanks to its wide sales network, Metal Spot can give a quick feedback to the enquiries of its customers.