Self-Illuminating Light Sources.

Eli-Chem Resins launch revolutionary “ Photo Luminescent ” products.

New developments in polymer resin and pigment technology driven by architects, artists and interior designers has resulted in an innovative new product range.

Eli-Glow Photo-Luminescent pigments are taking hold as a self-sustaining, self-illuminating feature for indoor and outdoor applications. This has opened up huge marketing opportunities for different artistic effects, displays and creations. As the light changes so does the visual effect on the human eye. Eli-Glow is the very latest “state of the art” substance in sustainable eco-lighting technology.

The artistic applications for designers are endless as well as a safety feature for pathways, drives, cycle paths and doorway entrances. They provide a visual ‘glow in the dark’ functionality with multiple applications thus affording a low/zero cost alternative in many situations to traditional lighting and as such are truly green and eco-friendly. Eli-Glow Photo-Luminescent products use no electricity, solar power or batteries for energy supply.

Self-Illuminating Light Sources

This powder substance can be mixed with resin or sprinkled over most surfaces and sealed in place with a brush- coat and makes the original application completely luminescent- forever. Simple to apply Eli-Glow will come to “life” transforming the entire appearance into a unique and CO2-culling contemporary piece. Whether it’s applied as part of an interior design brief or part of the building from a simple pebble for driveways to a very effective luminescent aquarium, the applications are endless and safe.
Eli-Glow photo-luminescent pigments are not primary light reflectors, but are actual sources of ambient light. They absorb radiant U.V. energy from sunlight (or indoor lighting) and convert it into longer wavelengths in the visible spectrum, emitting it as light with the sensation of different colours applied. By day the pigments are a pale straw colour substance. When mixed in a ratio of 10/20% with a binder it becomes invisible and will not affect the optical clarity of your finished artwork or object.

In darkness your application will come to life- transforming the entire appearance into a unique and captivating focal piece. Eli-Glow is harmless, non toxic, non radioactive and non hazardous. It is not restricted for air, sea or road transport.  Eli-Glow products produce a luminescence which lasts for 8-10 hours, after as little as 30mins exposure to daylight ( or indoor lighting ). Eli-Glow will perform at 100% capacity for an indefinite and infinite period of time.

Colours available Aquamarine Blue, Yellow/green and Cobalt Blue.