RIVELI SHELVING Precision-Engineered. American-Made. Solid recycled aluminum.

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Riveli is an innovative, modular, patented shelving system which transforms the shelf from a display platform for objects and art into an object of art, itself.

Designed and made in America out of solid, extruded, recycled aluminum, Riveli is comprised of individually-pivoting shelves, a sleek 16” wide x 9” deep x 1/4” thick each.

Riveli shelving system

With a sophisticated drop-resistant motion, the shelves fold up to reveal the underside, featuring interchangeable, customizable, magnetic artwork and materials, or the beautiful luster of a luxury line of architectural-grade satin anodized finishes.
As a completely modular system, Riveli allows an interactive display of two-dimensional art and three-dimensional objects on any wall space in any configuration, with the flexibility to be built around a media screen or architectural elements, like windows and doorways.

Riveli shelving system

Lending itself to large and small spaces alike, Riveli is ideal for both high-impact wall-to-wall installations and maximizing the space economy for city living. Riveli can also replace traditional small profile furniture like bedside tables, console tables, or bar systems, with a dynamic high-end alternative. The modularity combined with the new suite of product options allows Riveli to become a bespoke piece for any space, or rather to endlessly create bespoke spaces, which can be reinvented again and again.

Riveli shelving system


Lake+Wells is a design firm founded by Mark Kinsley in 2010. Having tapped into the rich manufacturing landscape of the midwest through previous design positions as well as his experience as the son of a tool-and-die maker, Mark decided to create a company premised on utilizing great American resources to create well-designed and innovative products. In the midst of growing this new company and daylighting as a designer for luxury brand Holly Hunt, Mark met Tamera Leigh Staten. She had just returned from completing her graduate studies in England and was working as an apprentice in antique lighting restoration, while freelancing as a graphic designer. Their meeting sparked what turned into a marriage of both life and work as they discovered their creativity expanded exponentially in collaboration with one another. Mark’s technical artistry, engineering skills, and focus on functionality pairs uniquely with Tamera’s dark, playful, creative whimsy and vision. Whether creating products for themselves, or for clients, Lake+Wells continues to evolve as they partner with artisans and other Chicago designers, like Marc Kurlander and Elliot Eakin (who both worked alongside Mark at Holly Hunt) to celebrate American Design, Manufacturing, and Ingenuity

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