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HOUSSINI Surface Decor develops innovative materials for premium surface enhancement in interior environments.

The brand HOUSSINI Surface Decor came into being at the DESIGNPLUS GmbH as a result of the chief executive’s strong affinity to materials and a passion for textile surfaces.

houssini surface dekor

For more than 20 years now, the Stuttgart based Brand Retail Agency has stood for integrated brand communication and for product and brand presentation in the field of fashion and luxury goods. Customers’ inquiries about innovative surface design provided the impetus to adopt current trends with new product lines, allowing diverse creative applications. The result is HOUSSINI, a self-adhesive and resilient material, which impresses customers with its great flexibility on flat, curved and spherical surfaces.

This surface material was accepted and appreciated by the industry straight after being launched: As the winner of the “Innovation Prize Architecture + Presentation 2014” of the magazine AIT, HOUSSINI was praised in particular for the sophisticated look and feel of its surfaces, the broad range of possible applications and the efficient way in which the self-adhesive material delivered in rolls can be applied. The jury of the German Design Award 2015 was also enthusiastic about HOUSSINI and gave the material a “Special Mention Award” in the field of Excellent Product Design.

HOUSSINI meets the requirements of architects and designers regarding the quality and flexibility of surface enhancement as well as a pleasant tactile experience. The product is easy to apply and offers various possibilities to adapt and renew surfaces in the interior environment.

houssini surface dekor

The first collection THEATRE is a self-adhesive material that is easy to use for the enhancement of surfaces in connection with the design of spaces and objects. Based on a textile layer with 1.4 mm thickness, the stretchable material can be applied to fit closely around curved or spherical surfaces and facilitates premium and unusual surface effects.

Houssini Surface Decor

The collection comprises twelve harmoniously coordinated colours (two of them iridescent: copper-gold and turquoise-lilac) in three different surface designs: semi-gloss, brushed and textured.

THEATRE SEMI-GLOSS has a soft metallic sheen.
THEATRE TEXTURED combines a textile appearance with a soft metallic sheen.
THEATRE BRUSHED combines a brushed finish with a soft metallic sheen.

All surfaces have an unusual material depth. The soft-touch effect ensures a pleasant tactile experience. They therefore offer a wide spectrum of interior and display design possibilities.

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