Benoy-designed JEU DE PAUME in Beauvais.

Benoy, the international firm of Architects, Masterplanners, Interior and Graphic Designers, is excited about the latest addition to its built portfolio, Jeu de Paume in Beauvais, France.

Benoy-designed Jeu de Paume Opens in Beauvais

Jeu de Paume, integrated within the historic street plan of France’s Cathedral City, has created approximately 25,000m² of retail accommodation and importantly, due to its position and layout, will strengthen the adjacent street retail and act as a catalyst for the regeneration of commerce within the city centre. The existing streets are connected to the new centre by two signature entrances which form fitting gateways between the streetscape and the retail mall. Benoy’s respectful design includes one elevation embraced within a collection of four-storey Town Houses; this has successfully created a soft edge to the commercial activities of the mall.

‘Pocket plazas’ at the walkways further facilitate the street level access to Jeu de Paume. Roman and medieval ruins were discovered beneath the site. These remains have been restored and are now incorporated within the centre with one café using them as the focal point of their offer. Archaeological finds are featured throughout the mall and educational displays further emphasise the heritage of the site. The Benoy Team also incorporated the motif of the medieval entrance bridge into the logo, branding and signage for Jeu de Paume. “Projects such as Jeu de Paume strengthen our portfolio in Europe and typify the Benoy offer; understanding the city’s need to protect the existing central shopping district, we have designed a building that is well integrated within the scale, context and historic importance of the location. We have also drawn upon our retail experience to create a commercially viable layout for the scheme,” said Robert Bishop, Benoy Director and Head of the Europe Studio.He continued, “Our Team has designed a centre that is united throughout its architecture and interior design and the signage provides a cohesive theme for the overall development. Jeu de Paume has been extremely well received by the public and is a strong addition to the sustainability of the city centre.”Benoy is responsible for the exterior architecture, interior design, identity, signage and wayfinding; the project was delivered on-site through a collaboration with the Paris-based architects MPA.