Datalogic, a global leader in Automatic Data Capture and Industrial Automation markets, and world-class producer of bar code readers, mobile computers, sensors, vision systems and laser marking equipment brings an extensive display of products and technology to NRF 2016 at the Datalogic booth 3619.

The NRF exhibition “Retail’s Big Show 2016” will take place January 17 – 19 at the Javits Center in New York.

We look at NRF as the best showcase to demonstrate our retail technology and solutions.  This year we are planning an extensive display that illustrates our Retail 360˚ viewpoint” states Pietro Todescato, CEO and President of Datalogic ADC.  “As a multinational company, there is no better place than NRF to meet and network with our many global customers. We make their visit worthwhile by bringing a full suite of interesting retail focused solutions.

Datalogic will have ten demonstration areas each focusing on a retail application or functional area. Each demonstration area will have live demonstrations of multiple applicable products and solutions.   The following list is a sample of the many products and solutions which will be on display at NRF 2016:

Magellan™ 9800i & 9400i scanner/scales – These multi-plane advanced imaging scanner/scales are the industry’s first fully digital imaging high performance scanner/scale product lines with features that prevent shrink, accelerate mobile interaction and help future proof the POS.  These products were the first in the industry to read digital watermarks including the Digimarc® Barcode.

Jade™X7 Automated Scanner – The Jade portal scanner powers the industry’s fastest automated checkout solutions.  It allows shoppers to place items in any orientation onto a fast moving belt.  Items are automatically read and visually recognized at speeds significantly higher than a manual checkout.

Joya™ Touch Device – The Joya™ Touch device is the ideal multi-purpose retail device for Self-shopping and shop-floor applications. This state-of-the-art device, offered in handheld and gun versions, can have multiple applications resident making it the one device that can tackle any retail task.  Consumer applications such as Self-Shopping, Queue-busting and Gift Registry can co-exist with operational applications such as shelf replenishment, inventory checks, mark downs, price checks and more.

PowerScan 9500_16

LaneHawk™ Loss Prevention Solution – This loss prevention solution turns the bottom-of-the-basket shrink into profits in real-time.  LaneHawk cameras detect and identify items in the bottom of the basket and send product information to the POS system to include in the customer’s transaction.

PowerScan™ Rugged Handheld Scanner
– The world’s best-selling industrial scanner that is synonymous with warehouse data capture will soon be available in a Retail version that with the ability to decode digital watermarks, including the Digimarc® Barcode. This new scanner will be previewed at NRF 2016.

Falcon™ X3+ Mobile Computer – The Falcon device is Datalogic’s most rugged mobile computer with the ideal blend of ergonomics, ruggedness, computing power and data capture technologies that is at home in the stockroom, warehouse, or retail floor.

Skorpio™X3 Mobile Computer – Datalogic’s bestselling mobile computer is packed with technology and is ideally suited for most any retail or warehouse application.

Cobalto™ Presentation Scanner – Omnidirectional scanning and an excellent value for retailers looking for outstanding performance in a full-featured product.

Heron™ Handheld Scanner – Unmatched elegance, the latest data capture technology, and extensive customization of sounds, lighting, and labeling make it the modern point-of-sale scanner.

DL-Axist™ PDA – Android based, full touch 5” HD display with an advanced 2D imager making it ideal for assisted sales, merchandising, stock management, or as a Manager’s device, all designed in a robust industrial strength enclosure.

DBT6400™ Scanner – A pocket-sized innovative, wireless Bluetooth® scanner that is ideal for connection with tablets offering easy implementation of  Mobile POS, Assisted Sales and other data capture within the stores.

RFID Solutions – Multiple RFID reading solutions specifically designed for use in retail environments such as capturing real time inventory.

Smart Dressing Room – Display technological integrating touch screens, video imaging, and RFID for retail assistance to customers deciding the correct fit and color, offering the ability to check current stock  of items and sharing apparel information via social media.

OEM Scan Engines – Two new miniature scan engines the Halogen engine for 2D area imager applications and the innovative Herbo engine for laser-like linear imager applications, that leverage Datalogic proprietary illumination and data capture technology will be previewed.

During NRF 2016, product managers and executives will be on hand to discuss the latest products, solutions, and technologies on display in the booth. Contact your local Datalogic representative to schedule meetings and obtain more information.