THE LAUNDRESS SoHo Flagship Store Launch.

The Laundress, an eco-friendly brand of specialty detergents and home cleaning products, actually makes the chore fun with its thoughtfully curated product selections.

And now, with the launch of their new SoHo flagship store, it’s more convenient than ever to get your hands on their goods including bespoke offerings and unique capsule collections.

The Laundress SoHo

Launching yesterday, the decade-old brand’s 400-square foot store located on 199 Prince Street, also offers an array of unique in-store activities such as “Ask The Laundress Bar”, an all-inclusive question and demo station where you can receive on-the-spot care recommendations (like how to clean vintage pieces or the best way to remove lint from a sweater) from trained laundry pros.

There will also be interactive washing workshops and pop-up collab events hosted by The Laundress founders Gwen Whiting and Lindsey Boyd.

The store is like the ultimate dream laundry room: step inside and you’ll find immaculate all-white modern display pieces filled with awesome cleaning goods (such as Denim Wash, Stain Solution, and Home Spray), a crystal clear chandelier, and black and white checkered floors.