OLIVER VOX – Multimedial Domotic Commercial Box.

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To extend the sales area beyond the traditional limits this is the challenge of OLIVER VOX.

OLIVER VOX is born to communicate differently to a consumer who is quickly changing his buying way, a system which removes from the traditional sales area, those barriers that the public always likes less.

OLIVER VOX - Multimedial Domotic Commercial Box

In multisensory space in which we live, communicating today, it means increasingly to move. Music, accent lights, images and advertising materials, are the main vehicles that Oliver Vox uses to transform observation of the shop window in a small dynamic event.

Allowing the product to talk about itself, OLIVER VOX brings him closer to the needs of the consumer who will approach the purchase with awareness.

OLIVER VOX - Multimedial Domotic Commercial Box


OLIVER VOX is multimedial domotic commercial box, that makes speaking each shop window. An electronic device that emits voice messages only when the user to whom they are addressed, is present.

OLIVER VOX expands the sales area beyond the traditional limits and communicates differently to a consumer who is quickly changing his buying way.

Placed outside the shop window, OLIVER VOX welcomes the user and provides useful informations on the product, during that time lapse used to look at that.

Therefore each person receives in the street, useful informations about materials, the arrival of a new collection, on a promotion or about other events to be communicated.

The action field of OLIVER VOX can be calibrated so as to affect only the area close to the shop window becoming therefore a discreet presence.

The possibility of making the container box in various materials and colors, makes OLIVER VOX easy to integrate with the structure of the shop window or even not recognizable.

OLIVER VOX - Multimedial Domotic Commercial Box

The system is programmed to drive simultaneously with the transmission of the voice message, lights, music, aromas, images or movies, turning the act of looking at the shop window into a small dynamic event.

New catalyst of communication, flexible and customizable, OLIVER VOX offers a contemporary feel to any fitting out.


OLIVER VOX offers a new way to communicate in reply to a more autonomous audience, more and more attracted by the open spaces, whether they are shopping centers or the vastness of the network, removing some barriers less and less appreciated.

The device transmits useful informations only when the consumer approaches the choosen place, so that they are always heard from the beginning and closely in the area of relevance.

OLIVER VOX records multiple messages and sends them looped or at random. The messages and any movies can be managed through a WiFi connection. A special application allows to replace those, adjust the volume and other parameters.

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