PREFOR: trend-setting futuristic plastic materials.

PREFOR: trend-setting futuristic plastic materials.

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Prefor  is an Italian company based in Udine with a twenty-five year experience in the specialised production / processing of plastic materials such as Plexiglas, polycarbonate, PVC, PETG, pst and pehd.

The most varied ideas take shape in our design office, where qualified personnel studies and develops the design and functionality of each product, down to the creation of the final prototype.

The production department takes care of processing with highly skilled workers and advanced professional equipment such as laser cutting, C.N.C. robots, diamond grinding machines, bending machines, UV bonding and products are  customised by laser marking and UV digital printing.
PREFOR plastic materials

The development of personalised packaging and shipping all over the world are handled internally.

PREFOR plastic materialsPrefor operates in various areas including furniture and design, industrial, automotive, promotional and in shipbuilding industry with a sober and functional minimalist style in the balance between the new fashion tendencies and classic style that gives uniqueness and elegance to the product completely customizable and all MADE IN ITALY.

As well as for the quality of raw materials and advanced machining, Prefor is much appreciated for its production and delivery times and boasts achievements of customized production from the project to delivery in just 48 hours!

Discover our world, we will give shape to your ideas.

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