Outer. Shoes Rio de Janeiro.

Outer.Shoes Designed by Kube Arquitetura

Designed by Kube Arquitetura Outer.Shoes aspires to develop a new view and inspire people to be authentic (valuing their nature) and experience a more balanced urban daily routine.

To reflect this desire, the concept was developed idealizing the appreciation for a deconstructed look, bringing discoveries and new perspectives (that new view mentioned above) and representing the freedom to transform the space into an extension of our personality, with our virtues and flaws (our own nature).

Outer.Shoes Designed by Kube Arquitetura

The main goal of the Ipanema store project was to create a casual atmosphere, giving to the space a contemporary, sophisticated tone and keeping the structural elements, such as concrete, pipes and bricks, on sight while the walls and furniture are all-white with a cleaner design and details in wood that create a contrast between urban and natural environments. The floor in demolition timber completes the space providing warmth and letting the client feel welcome and comfortable to touch and experience the products, interacting with shoes, bags and accessories and enriching her purchase experience.

The customer experience

The customer experience begins right at the entrance of the store, where it was created a niche for an interactive presentation of the assembling process of a shoe, presenting its layers and raw materials. As sensorial experience, we worked with gradual sensations of transition from the urban to the natural environment. We used urban materials and communication that refer to the city at the entrance of the store and along the way the client recognizes this balance between urban and natural materials.

Outer.Shoes Designed by Kube Arquitetura

Finally, the recognition of this place as an internal nature closer to the client can be felt in an almost intuitive way. The products are exhibited alongside an explanatory visual communication, through texts and sketches, presenting to the client the creative and assembling processes and turning the products into artworks disposed over acrylic platforms.

Location 330 Visconde de Pirajá Street – Rio de Janeiro
Design Kube Arquitetura
Photo courtesy
Dhani Accioly Borges