STEPHANIDES retail concept in Limassol, Cyprus

Il progetto per il rinnovo della gioielleria Stephanides è stato affidato allo Studio di architettura Dobas AG,

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A new refined multi-brand boutique concept for high-end watches and jewellery, designed and executed by Swiss firm Dobas AG, has opened its doors.

The project transformed the previous space combining a bright spacious atmosphere with an elegant Mediterranean touch. In addition to the creation of the interior, Dobas was also responsible for the design of the exterior façade.

Anastasios Stephanides & Son Ltd. the name in luxury style in Cyprus since 1960, brings the clients into the finest work from the world’s most renowned watchmakers and jewellery designers. When the former Limassol boutique in the modern East area of the city reached the end of its life cycle, Dobas was appointed to create a brand-new concept.

STEPHANIDES retail concept in Limassol, Cyprus

Retail concept

The mood of the 105 sqm space is bright and contemporary. Tones like beige, white and pastel green evoke nature and sandy beaches. Walnut textures and brass bring in a luxury atmosphere with a timeless charme. Light shades of stones and marble recall the materic properties of ancient art. Geometric shapes carved in plaster complete the look with a contemporary twist.

The reception desk represents the core of the space, and it is volumetrically coordinated with the design of the upper surface, creating an overall and eye-catching sculptural effect in front of the entrance. A customized geometric theme of the three-dimensional cladding brings a modern, contemporary look. Inspired by stone tiles which were lasered, Dobas created a new pattern with horizontal and vertical lines that were partly crossing or fading. This design element is then re- proposed in other details of the store, such as the metal partitions.

STEPHANIDES retail concept in Limassol, Cyprus

Watches and jewellery on the walls are displayed with two exhibition settings. Vertical displays are finished in walnut, with elegant appeal and proportions. The horizontal displays are all cladded in bright Lasa matte marble, delivering a sense of lightness and spaciousness. Free standing exhibition furniture is imagined as pure blocks of marble, seamlessly incorporating a sales operational drawer.

The light plays also an important role in the design of the store. A new large and modern opening has been designed in the façade, bringing in natural light. Indirect light is also emphasized, letting the unique three-dimensional structure of the walls stand out and generating a dynamic effect.

STEPHANIDES retail concept in Limassol, Cyprus

The shopfront has been designed with an elegant and sophisticated appeal, in beige sandstone with alternated vertical and horizontal patterns. This solution gives a vibrancy and a constantly changing effect to the whole facade, engaging with the Mediterranean sun. Bronze profiles are scattered irregularly between the tiles, and incorporate LED lights which subtly enlighten the facade at night.

New landmarks are changing the face of Limassol, attracting a new clientele and accordingly new potential customers. Dobas’ design for the new Stephanides boutique in Limassol speaks this mix of modernistic and Mediterranean language and sets a landmark in the high-end retail scene.

Designed and executed by Dobas AG
Photos courtesy Karina Leonenko

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