Terrazza Aperol apre a Venezia

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Unveiled the new Aperol bar and restaurant which opens in the heart of Venice, where a peculiar design concept drive to a new way of experiencing one of the city’s most characteristic rituals: the Italian aperitivo.

Terrazza Aperol” open its doors in Venice, launched by the iconic Campari Group’s Aperol brand.

Measuring over 200 sqm (90 of which are outdoors), the restaurant bar is housed in the spaces of a historic Venetian palace in Campo Santo Stefano, just a short distance from the Accademia Bridge. Designed by the Italian studio Vudafieri- Saverino Partners, the interior combines Venetian values and the brand’s distinctive style, capturing all at once both Aperol’s century-long heritage and the contemporary spirit of the Aperol Spritz. Aperol, an aperitivo that celebrated its 100-year anniversary in 2019, has become an international social phenomenon. Originating from the narrow backstreets of Venice, the iconic Aperol Spritz has become a global ritual, an essential moment that brings people together spontaneously.


Aiming to establish itself as a major focal point for the entire city, Terrazza Aperol revisits Venice’s traditional bacaro – the typical Venetian bar – adding a cosmopolitan vibe, in a fluid continuity between different indoor and outdoor settings. The restaurant bar is a fusion rooted in true Venetian tradition that seeks to become a big name on the city’s social scene.


Tiziano Vudafieri and Claudio Saverino have designed a space that combines Venetian roots with a vibrant cosmopolitan feel, giving shape to a place that acts as a point of contact between past and present, traditional and contemporary.


For the interiors, traditional elements have been reinterpreted to bring the space into the 21st century. Venetian mirrors become digital monitors for sharing photos with other Aperol bars around the world. Hand-crafted stucco and wood flooring reclaimed from Venetian “bricole” (navigation poles from the lagoon) are combined with pops of orange. There is a mid-20th-century-inspired bar with 3D-produced recycled polycarbonate panels, and benches with classical forms are paired with neutral fabrics and contemporary style.

In celebration of Aperol’s iconic colour, the restaurant bar features plenty of orange details, from the edging of the seating and the orange bathroom to the shelves and mirrors. This orange “fil rouge” flows through the different spaces and gives a truly distinctive touch.


Terrazza Aperol is a fluid, interactive and dynamic space with 2 areas within that join together but have their own separate entrances:

  • the “Bacaro” bar, a traditional space offering an authentic Venetian aperitivo
  • the restaurant area, with an extensive menu of food and drinks that makes it the perfect destination at any moment, whether it’s coffee time or late evening.

Both spaces blend seamlessly with the large 90-square-metre outdoor terrace that looks out onto Campo Santo Stefano. The different types of spaces here reflect different ways of being together: from the informal outdoor Bacaro bar to the more comfortable restaurant area with table service.


This intimate yet dynamic and convivial space is characterised by a traditional Venetian wood ceiling with exposed beams, called the Sansovina ceiling. The atmosphere evokes that of the city’s traditional local bars. For this area of Terrazza Aperol, Vudafieri-Saverino Partners have designed a particular seat ad hoc: a long micro bench leaning against the wall with small integrated folding tables that help create an informal and lively use.


The digital mirrors are particularly distinctive and their shape evokes traditional Venetian ones. These virtual touch points are connected in real time with other Aperol bars around the world, creating digital points of  contact  between  cities  and  different  countries. The Bacaro bar offers an informal Venetian menu at all times of the day, with Aperol Spritz and “cicchetti”, traditional Venetian finger food.


The central feature of the space is the large serving bar with its distinctive 3D-produced recycled polycarbonate panels (back-lit in Aperol orange) and warm white corian top. The shape of the bar and the ribbed fronts are a nod to 20th-century Italian tradition yet once again this is brought into the 21st century through the use of recycled materials and 3d printing. On the wall behind the bar there is an impressive floor-to-ceiling display of bottles with antique mirror backdrop, orange-edged shelving, as well as recesses for Magnums and dynamic spotlighting.

Led strip lighting illuminates the space and reminds us of the lines of the exposed beams in the period ceiling nearby, here designed only by the light, with stunning bespoke-design pendant lamps crafted from Murano glass.


The restaurant area has different types of tables and seats, from casual benches and stools to bistro-style tables and chairs for a more relaxed dining experience. All the seats have been made to a bespoke design or as part of a series with special Terrazza Aperol finishes and fabrics. Aperol orange is a feature of other elements too: from the contours of the glass shelving to the lighting and even the bubble mirrors, which pop up throughout the space and evoke the fizz of the cocktails.


The outdoor space blends seamlessly with the indoors through large glass and has two distinct areas that represent different ways of enjoying the Aperol world. The exterior of the Bacaro bar features tall tables, perfect for enjoying an aperitivo while standing, and a welcoming and versatile lounge area with custom-made seating for evenings of conviviality.


The external area of the restaurant meanwhile has traditional bistro-style tables and director’s chairs and is an elegant and comfortable space where guests can enjoy food and drink brought to their table. Transparency, openness and a strong connection between indoors and outdoors are the main characteristics of the Terrazza as seen from the front.


The space takes its inspiration from Venice’s traditional social scene, such as its coffee shops and its historic palazzi, with materials and processing techniques reinterpreted to create a contemporary feel.

The oak flooring is made from reclaimed “bricole” navigation poles; grey Venetian stucco – that brings to mind the colours and atmosphere of the lagoon waters – features beautiful Murano glass mosaic tiles in distinctive Aperol orange. The traditional exposed-beam ceiling with decorated joints (called “Sansovina ceiling”) has been restored and illuminated and a contemporary reference is made to this in the main room through lines of led lighting. The contours of the mirrors recall those found in Venetian coffee shops of days gone by.

The space is lit with a combination of soft lighting and concentrated spots of light. Tables, merchandising and counters are highlighted with ceiling spotlights and led strip lighting. The result is a warm, welcoming atmosphere, with iconic Murano glass chandeliers that add to this extraordinary setting.


Special attention has been paid to the food concept. Ranging from breakfast to after-dinner it has been created specifically for Terrazza Aperol by Alessandro Negrini and Fabio Pisani (chefs of the Michelin-starred restaurant “Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia” in Milan). They have designed a menu based on the Venetian tradition, with excellent Italian ingredients and modulated on seasonality, with uncomplicated and informal suggestions.

Terrazza Aperol will also host the first Aperol merchandising line, entirely “Made in Veneto” and inspired to celebrate moments of conviviality and togetherness.


Photos courtesy Santi Caleca