Opened the first Garage pop-up store in Toronto.

Opened the first Garage pop-up store in Toronto

Groupe Dynamite announces the opening of the first Garage pop-up store in Toronto.

In order to thrive with today’s hyperconnected consumer, the space acts as a lab for a digitally-enabled store, while building on a brand vision that encourages everyone to be themselves.

The store also features a floor-to-ceiling mural by Paris/Montréal-based artist, Delphine Dussoubs (aka Dalkhafine).

Opened the first Garage pop-up store in Toronto

Located at 330 Queen Street West in Toronto, the project consists of the renovation of a commercial space (boutique) on two levels. The space forms part of a 3-storey building with residential upper floors.

Although the project won’t affect the residential floors, the renovation plans must take the operationalization of the space into account, including for the entry of goods, universal accessibility, the presence of old mezzanines, and an existing skylight. The project must also take a short-term lease into account, thus restricting the construction budget, while maximizing transformation of the existing space.

Opened the first Garage pop-up store in Toronto

Various strategies were considered for reusing existing infrastructure, including the ventilation system and partial reuse of electrical distribution. Nevertheless, a new division of the space was necessary to allow for the optimization of operations. Major investments were made on more environmental materials, inclusing LED ambient and accent lighting, a metal wall system, custom-made Corian fixtures, and a concrete floor, resulting in less maintenance, greater longevity, and higher energy efficiency.

Materials used to create the new concept

A combination of raw authentic materials was selected for the Garage store design in order to reflect the effortless style of the brand’s customers. A mix of reclaimed wood floor inserts, Corian tile fixtures, galvanized wall panels, and white steel fixtures contrast with fluorescent led lights, dichroic glass, and infinite mirrors, creating an eclectic environment. The fitting room zone is open and amplifies opportunities for self-broadcasting moments, allowing customers to express themselves while shopping.

Opened the first Garage pop-up store in Toronto

Embodying the brand’s values, the space combines a wide array of engaging themes and entertaining elements representative of its core customers. From the moment they enter the Garage store, customers become engaged in the story; connecting with the visuals, and being inspired by the outfits that are showcased. Staying true to its brand image has enabled Garage to introduce a successful experiential addition to its Toronto market.

Opened the first Garage pop-up store in Toronto

Technical sheet

Interior design: Groupe Dynamite inc.
Millwork: Linea P International
Metal fixtures: Fermos Fabrication
Plans production: Optima design
Artist collaboration: Dalkhafine
Photographer: Sarjoun Faour

Groupe Dynamite

After 46 years in the fashion industry, Groupe Dynamite inc. has successfully launched two of the most renowned fashion brands in Canada: Dynamite and Garage. The group creates, designs, markets, and distributes from its head office located in Montréal, Québec. The company operates more than 300 stores in Canada and worldwide and employs more than 5,000 people. The team’s passion continues to lead expansion into new markets, including e-commerce.

Now acting as a North American leader among the international brand landscape, Dynamite continues to thrive in an ever-crowded marketplace. The brand’s core strength is rooted in a solid understanding of its customers, and in the ability to translate leading-edge designs and innovative ideas into accessible fashion and unique shopping experiences.