A wall is a new prospective.

rivestimenti murali Rimura

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From graphic creation to production and total customization of the process and the project: the wallcovering design proposals of Rimura, an Apulian company that combines the values of craftsmanship with the beauty of tailor-made wallpaper, combine the talent of established creatives with ecological and functional choices in support materials.

wallcovering design of RIMURA

After launching the “www.rimura.com portal, Rimura has launched a new phase of relationship with the customer and customization of projects through a procedure that allows the user to be guided in all phases, from design to implementation. Central to this system is the collaboration with intermediaries, retailers and industies professionals with whom we work in the selection and design phase to guarantee service efficiency and product quality.

A wall is not just a wall if you are able to utilize it in a different way and give it a soul.

“Rimura was born because of a necessity – Vito Elefante, founder of the project and founder of Digilab, a company with decades of experience in the communication and digital printing sector, owner of the Rimura brand, commented, – Rimura came about because we needed to redefine and redesign our working spaces. We could carry out complex building works, or we could try a completely different approach and physically change their aspect by redefining colors, styles and perspectives. We realized, that we have many talented creatives around us. So we decided to start a new wallcovering project, involving the same professionals in the creation of original and valuable collections and papers “. “In this delicate period we strongly felt the request of the end user or intermediary professional to be more closely followed in the selection and design phase. So we determined to make our contribution by creating a real procedure that allows our customer to be guided in all phases “.

The development of new collection by our creatives and the inclusion of a green innovations are on the horizon, for Rimura, both for the support materials and the inks used. Creative proposals in the catalog and tailor made solutions, personalized and customizable, modifiable solutions in the details created by real artists of the image and able to radically change the face of a work and living space,pay great attention on a careful handling of our environment and to new technologies, in the choice of wallpaper support materials.

Union between development and research, story and emotions

A wall is not just a wall or a border, but can become a wonderful horizon with new functions and a different aesthetic result.

wallcovering design of RIMURA

Simulations through installation mock-ups, availability for the shipment of samples: we are aware that knowing how to choose (or know how to advise) is often difficult and we are always available for telephone assistance and extra services for quick deliveries.

Rimura continues in its process of attention to the design and construction phase and care of creativity and beauty. It guarantees production on three types of support, all certified: ecological, washable vinyl and fiberglass for humid environments. Advanced coatings, easy to install even on curved surfaces, produced with latest generation printers.

Still with a view to being closer to the end user, Rimura has launched an affiliation plan that allows design professionals and home artisans to become retailers, giving access to exclusive collections and reserved benefits.

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