Bistro B3 Shenzhen designed by RooMoo design studio

B3, located in Coco Park in Shenzhen, is a bistro designed by RooMoo design studio.

The concept comes from the brand. The bistro name B3 came from the first letter of: brunch, bistro, and bar. The studio takes ‘’time’’ as the overall concept, echoing the brand requirements and strengthening the meaning of time for B3.

Bistro B3 Shenzhen designed by RooMoo design studio

How to materialize abstract time into an actual representation, through the understanding of time flow, the designer brings three ingenious ideas that symbolize the fluctuation of time to space.

Materializing time implies repetition and movement. The design team introduced three waves related to B3 name in the project.

The first wave is located outdoors and offers guests a warm welcome. It is a metal partition composed of several stainless steel plates playing with mirror effect and color. The outdoor wind on the metal pieces provides the illusion that the wave is in movement.

This second wave is more prominent in continuity with the first outdoor wave, overlapping the entire ceiling above the bar area and the kitchen window. The small mirror, made of stainless steel pieces, offers an excellent game to the eyes during day and night, whereas Led light offers a range of colors at night.

The third wave is located above the dining area. The time stops below this wave, as this wave gets a flat surface without bricks or metal pieces, contrasting with the surrounding. The volume of this wave offers a niche space below it where customers can relax while having dinner.

The bricks on the walls are like the cut section of a mountain. Once cut, the passage of time lets physical contrast and sediment layers stacked over each other, laterally reflecting the changing environment over time.

Bistro B3 Shenzhen designed by RooMoo design studio

The bricks form three horizontal lines of stratification, creating a warm color gradient. Once the bricks reach the glass ceiling, the bricks change to become stainless steel mirrors.

The design studio wanted the design to match the freshness of the food in terms of exciting materials, textures, and colors for the space to match the image of B3’s cuisine.

The designer made an exciting association between colors and textures. The use of stainless-steel mirrors in contrast with rough surfaces such as bricks or the white wave element in comparison with the warm gradient color of the bricks all work together to offer nice texture and patterns.

The bar is located in the middle of the façade and the space. The design team wanted the bar to be the focal point for customers to feel welcomed and invited from far away. By its position, the bar separates the dining area on the right side from the kitchen on the left side. It also forms a functional center point to help the kitchen and bar to deliver food and drinks.

Bistro B3 Shenzhen designed by RooMoo design studio

Project location: L1-046, L1-048 Bar Street, the first floor, Futian Xinghe Coco Park Shopping Mall north region, Fuhua Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Interior area: 113 sqm
Exterior area: 220 sqm
Design Company: RooMoo
Contractor: Shenzhen Z.H.G Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd.
Lighting Consultant: WOY Lighting Design Co., Ltd
Lighting design: RooMoo Design studio
Photos courtesy: Wen Studio