Polytop® System by Serafini

sistema di scaffalure Polytop

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With the product launch of the patented Polytop® system, the design-oriented company Serafini strengthens its position in the field of store furnishing and offers its customers versatile possibilities to take the design of their product assortment at the point of sale (POS) to a new level.

The Polytop® shelving system provides a flexible and elegant way to create a unique and individual product presentation. It consists of various basic elements that can be combined to create shelves of different sizes.

The Polytop® shelf stands out with its patented plug-in system, which allows for highly efficient shipping and makes assembly extremely easy.

The shelving system is available in various colours, finishes, and with lighting options to adapt to the design and ambiance of a retail store.

The delicate design of the Polytop® shelving system creates an open and airy atmosphere, making it easier for customers to view and select the displayed merchandise.

The system can be used for a variety of applications, including retail stores, libraries, offices, showrooms, and much more.


Serafini implements creative interior solutions for business spaces, ranging from customized concepts to serial production. The Germany-based company operates internationally and is a valuable partner for global expansion activities.

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