Maden Group designs the Duplex Futura Club

Duplex Futura Pritsina

Duplex Futura, located in the lively heart of Pristina, is more than just a place – it’s a unique blend of technology, art, and visionary design. The club is not just for entertainment; it’s a destination for tech enthusiasts, art lovers, and those who crave the latest in entertainment trends.

Maden Group designs the Duplex Futura Club

What sets Duplex Futura apart is its innovative use of spandex material on the pillows as a cover for walls, sound isolation also as a place to sit and parametric precision in architecture. This pushes the boundaries of traditional structures, offering a glimpse into the future of architecture.

The club’s lighting is strategically designed to enhance the overall atmosphere. The dynamic interplay of light and music goes beyond the typical nightclub experience, creating an immersive environment with special animations that evoke unique emotions. Our aim is to make Duplex Futura not just a source of entertainment but a space that enriches the lives of its visitors.

Location: Pristina, Kosovo
Area: 80 sqm
Architects: Maden Group
Photo credit: Leonit Ibrahimi
Video: Maden Group