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L’importanza dei sistemi anti-taccheggio in Farmacia

Shoplifting, reported in pharmacies as the most frequent type of theft, is a phenomenon in sharp increase. How can you help traders increase sales making customers feel welcome and strongly discouraging anyone thinking about stealing?

The Date Group suggests the installation of anti-shoplifting systems, called “Electronic Policemen”, to neutralize and repel shoplifters. Applying the tag, the label suitable for every type of need, it will be easier for operators to dedicate themselves more to value-added activities, such as carefully serving customers or monitoring potential events of inventory differences. The Date Group offers the most suitable solution for every sector, for every need of security, aesthetics, budget and simplicity.

The importance of anti-shoplifting systems in pharmacy

Shoplifting is reported in pharmacies as the most frequent type of theft and is an increasing phenomenon, a constant concern for retailers.

How to reduce theft in the pharmacy

Visible anti-theft acts as a deterrent against thieves, discouraging possible criminals, reducing the risk of financial losses. Your pharmacy will be safer with the anti-theft system and staff will have more time to follow customers carefully by increasing sales.

anti-shoplifting systems in pharmacy

How to improve the buyer experience

You have to offer a pleasant shopping experience to customers. With anti-theft systems we ensure that safety never compromises the customer experience. The devices are designed to be discreet and at the same time highly effective. This means that customers can explore and interact with products without hindrance, experimenting with the product before purchase in a relaxed and stress-free manner.

How to reduce inventory differences

Inventory differences can have a significant impact on profitability. The implementation of anti-theft systems helps to minimize human errors and discrepancies in stock counts. This not only improves operational efficiency but also enables more accurate supply management, ensuring that the right products are always available on the shelves.

Integration with personal accounting systems

Essential for the management and analysis of visitor attendance. People counting systems can be used to help plan opening and closing times and optimize staff distribution based on customer traffic. compare people/collection conversion rate and comparison between multiple stores, manage space capacity and make informed decisions.

The Date Group srl system offers the real-time answer to a series of questions such as:

  • How many people came in today?
  • How many staff do I need tomorrow? What about next week?
  • How did the ad campaign just end go?
  • How does the transit traffic develop now and then?
  • How can I compare seasons from year to year and evaluate progress?
  • How can I receive every morning the situation of each of my stores directly on my table?
Date Group anti-shoplifting systems in pharmacy

It is crucial for today’s pharmacy to continue to invest in cutting-edge technologies to offer superior service to its customers and constantly improve operations.The installation of anti-shoplifting systems, with the most appropriate technology and aesthetics to the products of the Pharmacy, neutralizes and repel shoplifters. The Date Group offers the most suitable solution for every sector, for every need of safety, aesthetics, budget and simplicity.

Date Group put at your disposal a team of experts who will support you step-by-step from the conception to the development of the project.

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