How to design the pharmacy of the future.

How to design the pharmacy of the future.

The study of this new space mirrors the clear connection between the values and approach on the future of the Pharmacy by Tsikandilakis Lefteris & Architects.

Based on design, the architects created an impressive and dramatic multifunctional space where the pharmacy and the laboratory harmoniously blend with the wellness and treatment section, the offices and the staff area without any of them losing their distinct character. These are the elements composing the new pharmacy Vouroukos in Nea Alikarnassos, Heraklion.    

How to design the pharmacy of the future

The realization of the study required know-how, organizational skills, attention to detail as well as diligence for the composition of complex functional spaces. The result offers a unique experience and sets the benchmark for the future of pharmacy by placing at the core the individual, the guest and the experience along with the emotions exposed to. 

How to design the pharmacy of the future

On the central ground level floor the pharmacy extends to the point of sales, placing the products left and right in categories for the customer’s easier reach whilst touchscreens provide access to detailed information on new products. The design adheres to the space linearity, intentionally leading to clear pathways for the customer and employee movement. In the middle a special form furniture lined with marble was designed, operating as a rinsing and product promotion counter with the water element adding up to the general aesthetics of the space and placing it as a central point of reference. In addition, smaller cylindrical countertop showcases amplify the display and sampling section, adding curves which harmoniously blend with the linearity of the central movement.

The style interchange coexisting, on the one hand, with the forged cement and the transparent illuminated shelves and on the other hand, with the wood and the black metallic brackets create a surprisingly pleasant aesthetic interplay.

The lighting, the forms, the colors, the textures and the patinas combined with the clear designing lines, the use of wood and the green element, outline and create an exceptional atmosphere echoing deep into the human existence. The large openings allow for a clear view of the space externally and attract the passersby attention, both during the day and night, with the lighting in the space standing out.  

Five different types of use

The equally spacious basement is divided between five different types of use: wellness and treatment services, laboratory, product storage, offices and staff area. The atmospheric aesthetics using gentle colors, textures and lighting, prevails in all sections, conveying a relaxing and wellness sensation without compromising the functionality of each area as they are diligently designed to serve their function. The linearity followed creates clear areas whilst the curved elements in the wellness and treatment section add romanticism; an essential element for relaxation. 

The internal unified design approach combined with the external unified view of the building allowed for an integrated result and a pharmacy which differentiates itself from the norm, making the visit an exceptional experience. Tsikandilakis Lefteris & Architects believes that the point of sales is a hospitality area and the customer is like a visitor in our home, in a space addressing to all senses: vision, smell, hear, touch.

Location: Nea Alikarnassos, Heraklion Crete
Design: Tsikandilakis Lefteris & Architects
Photo: Nikos Fragomanolakis