ARCH. DIEGO MARQUES DA ROCHA designed the CASA PERKY flagship store in Porto Alegre.

Casa Perky flagship store Eduardo Becker

Born in Brazil, Perky as a very popular brand, devoted to a light lifestyle specially for creative people.

Their core business is to bring a lightness into the shoe world with their famous slip ons, sneakers and boots.

Casa Perky flagship store Eduardo Becker

It was about time they had their first flagship store and so they hired our team to develop the architecture and retail design project that determined their stores for the entire Latin America, starting with Argentina.

With their concept that JOY GENERATE JOY the team designed a project that not only would carry all the PERKY’S DNA, but also could be mutant, evolve and change according to the season, product size and new releases FROM THE BRAND.

The Casa Perky Flagship store building is a preserved historical house and it is located right in front of “Farroupilha Park”,  the largest and most popular park in Porto Alegre, Brazil. The breaking  point was to preserve the original characteristics of the house but give a modern touch and the Perky’s DNA.

Casa Perky flagship store Eduardo Becker

So the building was entirely painted in a dark gray color to contrast with the banners that bring each season one of the fabrics for the new collection and they can be exchanged at every new season with a brand new fabric from Perky. This happens so the costumers just by looking at the facade can identify when the new collection has arrived in the store.

The display system, for instance, allows the retailers to change hangers for shelves, making it possible to offer less products without looking too empty. The window shops are really high (1,7m) so the we decided to create shelves as a “swing set” system that could have their hight changed with some simple screws. The light system developed by Arch. Eduardo Becker is movable and can follow the hight of the shelves. Even the Restroom has interaction with simple notes hanging on the walls, that could be left for other people or for the store.

In the back of the store, you will find the kids area called PERKYDS, where all the hangers and shelves could be removed or reordered, according to the number of SKUs displayed. We saved a special touch for kids to play with wooden jungle figures with a movable mouth inspired by some of our favorite children fairy tale stories. For that we were inspired by our own wooden toys that we played in our childhood.

Casa Perky flagship store Eduardo Becker

Right beside Perkyds, there is a workbench with all the necessary materials to make your gift package your own way, with stamps and colored strings. For a nice old time experience there is a classic typewriter so customers can have the experience of making their very special gift cards in a retro style.

To complete the project we have an area for new releases or collections and the PERKYS window display system, were it is possible to change the display hight and layout the little Perkys are shown to the public.

Total area :47,25 sqm