Manila Grace Store in Bologna

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In the heart of Bologna, inside an historical building protected by the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Giraldi Associates Architects have realized the new Manila Grace concept store.

Manila Grace Bologna Giraldi Associati

The main difficulty has been creating a place able to move succeeding in interacting whit the preexisting spaces without producing important changes and in the meantime meeting the necessity of creating three different places which would reflect the styles of the different brands present inside the store: Manila Grace, Ego and Doralice.

Manila Grace Bologna Giraldi Associati

For recalling the metropolitan and fine style of the collections, it has been created a warm space with a contemporary taste using wood: in fact-with its colours and simplicity- it plays a lead role giving a sophisticated and refined signature. The party walls made of many beveled wooden blocks house the tin-plated shelves where clothes are shown, while cut wood logs show shows and accessories, keeping a natural taste that is never ordinary.

MANILA GRACE concept Store Bologna\

Container shelves of wood and iron alternate with wooden panels that descend with prettiness from the ceiling, whereas the harmony of the numerous metals of the walls which range from corten steel to natural iron and to aged bronze, allows the display of products. In the ceiling the spotlights discover the space, whereas tall threes of white shiny varnished wood hide illuminated bodies among webbed leaves. Natural and contemporary inspirations and a free mood without schemas express the keystone of Manila Grace Store.

MANILA GRACE concept Store Bologna

Project Giraldi Associati Architetti
Location Bologna, Italy
Area 400 sqm


In 1997 Fulvio Giraldi opens his own studio of architecture in Florence and enjoys an immediate success through the work done for clients in the world of a fashion, a field in which the studio is strongly involved until these days. Well known for their concepts and design of coordinated images for an International and Italian client base, they have designed and realized worldwide more than 1200  boutiques and a large number of showrooms and offices in Italy and abroad.
The studio quickly extends its activities to the field of architecture with the design and realization of hotels, office buildings, resorts and private houses. In 2006 the studio becomes Giraldi Associates with Francesco Marzocca, Daniela Girelli, Gianluca Colombari and Diego Lucesole. In 2009 new associates have been introduced, Annalisa Alessandri and Francesca Del Perugia and  a new office base opens in Los Angeles.
In 2009 G.Associates srl is founded: it is a new company with affiliated external engineering firm for specific technical competences. G. Associates, develops and engineers under the brand name of G-ASS Design all the design and architecture  for Giraldi Associates and also from other international architecture firms operating in Italy.The activities are mainly concentrated in Permits, production of Full Set of Drawings and Direction of Works for Civil, Structures and Systems.
In 2012 the studio opens a new office base in Berlin. The new company, founded under the name of GAAM Gmbh in Germany, operates in the country with the same mission as  G.Associates in Italy.

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