LCBO Urban Infill Store

The Urban Infill Store, located at 1986 Queen Street East in Toronto is a highly innovative concept for the Liquor Control Board of Ontario; the first of its kind, it was created to get the most out of high-density urban areas and provide a viable solution to design, construction, operational efficiency and delivery challenges.
LCBO-Urban-Infill-Store-II BY IVDESIGN_retail-design

Though modern in layout and functionality the Urban Infill Store is imbued with a feeling of hands on craftsmanship and old world charm. The overall concept based on an understanding that urban customers look for not only convenience but a selection of higher-end product and a sense of “retail-theatre” in their shopping experience.
LCBO-Urban-Infill-Store-II BY IVDESIGN_retail-designOn the exterior, a strong street presence is created by using the full double story façade of the building; defined by dark bronze mullions and Gabions, wire cages filled with rocks, stacked above the entrance in conjunction with a back-lit oversized graphic of idyllic rolling hills. The overall effect is dramatic with the intention of lending a sense of history and context.
LCBO-Urban-Infill-Store-II BY IVDESIGN_retail-design

Inside, light filled interiors feature high ceilings, herringbone-tiled floors, bleached oak wood, recycled wine barrels, dark bronze metal and patina finishes that further reference an artisanal quality. The signature design element is a VINTAGES runway that showcases open wood crates and unique fixtures that display a variety of over 350 “handpicked” premium products sourced both locally and from around the world.

Photo credit: David Whittaker