BLOWFISH Toronto by PDLab.

BLOWFISH Toronto by PDLab.

📅30 Giugno 2016, 11:29

Blowfish uses handcrafted, custom materials to create a traditional Japanese sake bar in the heart of downtown Toronto.

BarFish-Blowfish-BestofToronto- pdlab
The shotgun-style restaurant + bar uses juxtaposing floor patterns to distinguish the dining and sake bar areas, as well as large scale pendant lighting to create the illusion of intimate areas within the open concept dining area. Interest is added to the space through custom detailing such as fish scale motifs on the dining table surfaces and closet doors, as well as oversized Japanese artwork printed on rice paper which accentuates and highlights the sake bar.

The shotgun-style space is complemented by linear style seating which draws guests through the space and towards the wine bar located at the back of the restaurant. Keen attention to detail and a high degree of custom craftsmanship allow the combination of multiple textures, colours, and prints to work together and create a modern, multifunctional restaurant + sake bar.
pdlab BarFish-Blowfish-BestofToronto

PDLab is known for its “anything is possible” approach to design and fabrication, experimenting with new materials and forging relationships with independent artists to create original interiors that defy design type and transcend trendiness. With many exciting projects and a wealth of experience gained from a decade of delivering extra-ordinary and memorable projects across the globe, PDLab is looking to “design the future”.

For over a decade, Antonio Tadrissi and his team, consisting of Architects, Interior Designers and artisans, have created distinctive signature environments for a diverse and often high-profile clientele within the specialized hospitality and bespoke residential market. With many international commissions since its inception, PDLab excels at designing and coordinating projects from a distance. The firm collaborates with some of the best craftsmen and world leading innovators to create some of the most cutting-edge architecture.


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