KEYDI LAMPS a new design inspired by Chinese shadows .

Lampade Keydi design Daniele Podda

A whole new concept in lamps where shadows are combined with the most advanced LED technology.

Lampade Keydi design Daniele Podda

The structure is simple, it resembles a blank canvas something familiar of the 900 hundreds, taking us back to Achrome of Piero Manzoni. When lit the light tricks the eyes in seeing the image of a lightbulb, a candle or a lit match.

In the free standing version, the stand that supports the lamp reminds us that of an easel, light and easy to move from one space to another.

These luminous frames can be separated from their support structure and re-positioned in any space that you desire, becoming a table lamp or a sconce.
Lampade Keydi design Daniele Podda

Adina is a living space or bedroom oriented lamp.

Adela is for smaller spaces, specifically designed for reading in a studio or office area.

Ifero can be used as accessory for a relaxing reading brake in an armchair or in the comfort of your own bed.

Andela and Ifero have a small ledge where you can rest important objects to keep them close and neat.

KEYDI lamps are Selected Objects at Superdesign Show 2017 |  April 4 – 9  Superstudio+ via Tortona 27 a Milan.

Product by CAPPA ARREDAMENTI, Casale Monferrato (AL)
Design: Daniele Podda