Esse-Ci Led Revolution.

Esse Ci illuminazione per retail

Since 1984 they have been designing and producing light solutions Made in Italy.

It has been characterized over the years for its attention to detail and to the search for a rich in style design, also availing itself of professional designers recognized internationally, becoming increasingly a reference in the architectural market.

Esse-Ci thanks to its international competitiveness is now present with its products on all 5 continents.

In addition,  collecting the heritage of a land rich in style, Esse-ci Company with its headquarters in the Veneto heart of Italian production excellence, spreads on over 4000 sqm and with a team of 27 highly skilled professionals, has been structured to excel with technologies always at the forefront.

Esse-ci invested on IT solutions for the production process, achieving great flexibility. This choice allows the customization of the product at every stage of the process. Esse-ci can thus make changes in real time and shape the solution chosen in harmony with the specific needs of the customer.

Thanks to an effective training program of staff and the constant comparison among customers, designers and operating departments of the Company, Esse-ci developed an innovative design method, a creative laboratory motivated and full of ideas. This approach got  the new Research and Development department, a division specialised in projecting and achieving of innovative solutions.


Each lighting equipment has its positioning among the Essi-ci products, which meet every interior requirements. The target is focused on offices, retail environments, hospitality and events in addition to industrial areas, wellness and business surfaces.

Two main categories of products:
Architectural, combining the most sophisticated design solutions, suitable both for residential and commercial areas
Technical, with all the products dedicated to great distribution areas and sterile environments.

Ceiling recessed square downlight available in three sizes for internal architectural applications. Produced from pressure die-cast aluminum and offered with a broad range of outputs and colour temperatures. Designed with speed of installation in mind, BOX LED can be installed into circular apertures meaning misalignment is almost impossible.
Esse Ci illuminazione per retail
GROOVE is a competitive and versatile profile suitable for recessed, surface and suspended mounting. Produced from painted extruded aluminium in a wide range of lengths and fitted with the latest LED technology for direct or bi-directional light distribution. With its choice of optics, GROOVE is a perfect high performance ambient lighting solution for commercial applications, but with the additional of powerful yet discrete adjustable accent spotlights, it is also at home for retail and educational applications too. A wide range of accessories are available, making GROOVE an extremely flexible design tool for architects and lighting designers.
Esseci illuminazione per retail
HYPE is an innovative linear LED luminaire for continuous row mounting. It combines high performance, price competitiveness and ease of installation, making this product perfect for installation in large open plan spaces, or where short site program is an issue, such as in retail. HYPE uses the latest generation LED modules, together with the most advanced optics and drivers to deliver an impressive technical performance and incredibly fast payback.
Esse Ci illuminazione per retail
HALL LED CEILING EVO perfectly compliments the Hall recessed collection. The product features a minimal die-cast aluminum body finished in a matt wrinkled power coat, which is available in three sizes. Innovative CoB technology and the integrated driver deliver optimum efficacy and simple installation. Multiple beam angles are available, making this fixture perfect for both commercial and retail applications.
Esse Ci illuminazione retail
HALL LED is an innovative collection of Chip-on-Board (CoB) downlights that are offered in a wide range of sizes, outputs and beam angles for projects that demand the best possible efficacy coupled with ultra-fast payback. These are complimented by adjustable and surface mounted versions. The organic shape and ultra-low power of the HALL LED MINI downlight makes it perfect for both commercial and residential applications where traditional halogen fixtures would have been used. For commercial projects where wide spacing, and low cost is important, look no further than HALL LED EASY. This is the perfect alternative to the traditional compact fluorescent downlight. For more demanding applications such as retail and high-end commercial, the HALL LED PRO collection is offered with interchangeable UGR<19 reflectors from 10º to 70º. A high CRI version is available where colour rendering is important factor.
Esse Ci illuminazione per retail
HALL LED PROFLEX, available in two diameters, is an adjustable asymmetric version of the HALL LED fixture, for specifiers who not only need to light large spaces, but need to highlight specific areas, objects or architectural elements. The innovative Rotofriction mechanism offers guaranteed security, precision and simplicity of aim. HALL LED PROFLEX has a tilt range of 60° (-15° + 45°) and a rotation of 355°.


HALL LED PROFLEX is also available in PREMIUM, FASHION and FOOD versions.

Esse Ci illuminazione per retail
QI is an exciting new lighting concept set to revolutionize the way designers consider traditional 3-circuit lighting track applications. Perfect for retrofit or new designs, QI fits seamlessly within regular EU track. The types of applications are only restricted by the designers imagination, but with its wide range of power and outputs, integrated driver, choice of beam angles including asymmetric light distribution, QI is perfect for retail, museum, educational and commercial projects, to name but a few.
Esse Ci illuminazione per retail
Movement and vitality are the formal aspects that characterize TERES, the most sophisticated and professional spotlight on track. Thanks to the built-in driver, the slim design and the most advanced technology, it’s able to completely adapt to the environment without being invasive and distracting attention. The powers, reflectors and optics, make this range extremely functional and adaptable to every context. Installable on Eurostandard track.
Esse Ci illuminazione per retail
WALLY is the perfect expression of architectural purity, resulting from the balanced combination simple form and cutting-edge technology. This fusion creates a minimal, discrete accent spotlight that delivers a high quality of light with optimum efficacy. Innovative Chip-on-Board (CoB) LED technology is offered in standard and high CRI options. These are coupled with the wide range of secondary optics for incredible results. Both horizontal and vertical driver housings are offered giving the designer a choice of visual aesthetics to select from, depending on ceiling height.

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