Jacob Cohën Boutique | Ginza Six, Tokyo.

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Jacob Cohën opened its newest boutique inside Ginza Six in Tokyo, a mixed-use complex with 47,000 sqm of retail space featuring high-end boutiques targeting both foreign tourists and domestic customers. 

The 13-story mall hosts a total of about 240 shops, including several international brands’ flagship outlets, and a traditional performing art theater on the ground floor.
jacob cohen boutique retail design area 17

The exterior design of Ginza Six draws inspiration from traditional Japanese noren curtains, while the interiors are meant to offer a rich cultural experience through a mix of Japanese contemporary art and scenes of nature. Within this context, Cohën’s boutique provides a minimalistic environment of classical elegance, focused on enhancing the display of the iconic luxury denim.
jacob cohen boutique retail design area 17The store is an environment almost fully opened on two sides, where the product is made the protagonist by the understated presence of custom-made furniture, embellished with refined details. Visual merchandising is key and becomes an essential part of the interior design. Precious woods, English tapestry, and glamorous capitonnè denim inserts set up the right mood and are explicit references to Cohën’s products and history at the same time.

“Attention to detail also tells the story of our work for Jacob Cohën , Area-17 says, which essentially is the transposition on an architectural level of the brand’s deep commitment to elevate simplicity to perfection. We provide continuity to this driving ambition, through a tailored design that satisfies emerging needs but, above all, designing with the same care and attention that Jacob Cohën shows for its products and clients.” Area-17 Architecture & Interiors designs and oversees all the brand’s realizations worldwide.

Designer Area-17 Architecture & Interiors
Location Ginza Six, Tokyo (Japan)
Area 70 sqm
Client Giada SpA
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