OKIO Eyewear Boutique Guatemala City.

OKIO Eyewear Boutique Guatemala City.

📅05 Settembre 2017, 10:47

This optometry store features large openings on the façade shaped like a pair of cat’s eye glasses.

taller ken okio eyewear boutiqueCalled OKIO, the store is freestanding in a shopping plaza where the eye-catching façade acts as a giant billboard, allowing customers to see through the storefront, and let in the natural light.

A large circular ‘oculus’ skylight serves to light to the interior complemented by spotlights focused on the merchandise. A custom display bar and cashier stands underneath the skylight at the center of the space. The store contains a retail area, exam room, restrooms and storage.
taller ken okio eyewear boutique
The eyewear is arranged on display system of adjustable white metal shelves attached to floor-to-ceiling wood dowels. The natural color of the wood contrasts the cool white of the walls, forest-green millwork, the pastel-green terrazzo tiles and tropical plants from the exterior garden.

Mirrors of different shapes and sizes reflect the different shapes in the ceiling and façade, creating a play of geometry throughout the store.

Location Guatemala City, Guatemala
Designer Taller KEN
Lead Architects Gregory Melitonov, Ines Guzman
Area 80 sqm
Photos courtesy Byron Marmol, Marcelo Gutierrez
by AN shopfitting magazine no.140 ©

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