Ambrosia Multibrand Store Madrid.

Matteo Ferrari Ciszak Dalmas Retail Design Ambrosia multibrand store


Is Time today’s new luxury?

This is the question the Matteo Ferrari and Ciszak Dalmas team have tried to answer when designing Ambrosia -of the Yusty Group- the new multi-brand woman fashion shop at 21 Claudio Coello, in central Madrid.

Ambrosia multibrand store Madrid design Matteo Ferrari Ciszak Dalmas
And Time has been the spirit of the answer: materialized within a space of 160 sqm, divided into two large rooms, one behind the other.
In the first room, adjacent to the entrance, the flexibility of the space and its exhibition elements allow a free composition in the plant, creating an imaginary connection between the displayed products, combining them in harmony within a scenery shining under natural light.
Ambrosia multibrand store Madrid design Matteo Ferrari Ciszak DalmasThe old walls have been cleaned but they maintain in some sections the original finish, saving the history behind them. The lightness of the display furniture is balanced with the heaviness of the box, a block made of the exotic Onix stone that enjoys breaking the seriousness of the walnut wood.

Proceeding to the second room, the open and flexible spirit of the first one changes into a suddenly intimate and cozy space, under dim and delicate lights, inviting a slower visit and a different sensory scale. The touch is soft, at times made of velvet, the view is pampered by pastel colors and games of shadows.
Matteo Ferrari Ciszak Dalmas Retail Design Ambrosia multibrand storeThe tour ends into a large changing room, a personalized attention area that invites you to find your own identity. Imagined as the heart of the experience, this room rescues its protagonism and invites us to reflect on the main concept of space, the time we dedicate to ourselves as one of the most valuable elements of our times.

Location Calle Claudio Coello 21, Madrid
Client Yusty
Area 160 sqm
Design Team Matteo Ferrari, Ciszak Dalmas
Photos courtesy Ricardo Labougle

Matteo Ferrari and Ciszak Dalmas  is a multidisciplinary team made up of architects and designers based in Madrid, which is proposed as a tool to innovate, break the barriers and create disruptive concepts, materializing ideas to touch, feel and share.

The studio works across a range of disciplines including architecture, interior, product design and art direction, devising new concepts and services for brands in different activity sectors, with a holistic and experimental approach. Among the works carried out, they have been collaborating with clients like Zara and Max&Co. in the design of the retail spaces improving the shopping experience. More than 500 stores around the world are being reformed according to their designs.

Camper and Loewe use furniture designed by Ciszak Dalmas for promotional events, while Muroexe, a  successful Spanish start-up, has commissioned the design of its flagship product, a shoe sold in more than 50,000 units per year.
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