Doorpaper, wallpapers collections aim to revolutionize the world of the doors

Carte da parati per porte Doorpaper

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Furnishings design proposals highly innovative which transform the door from a functional element into a real decorative and appealing element for any environments.

Doorpaper collections cover doors perfectly, are easy-to-apply and resistant over years. Suitable for any environments, house, office, shop, etc. Doorpaper is the great solution to renovate old doors or to restyle any room or public space.

Doorpaper furnishings solutions could be applied by yourself, following simple guidelines and precautions recommended by Instabilelab. They work perfectly and they provide a great result on smooth surfaces as laminated, lacquered, painted wood surfaces.

The Doorpaper finish is opaque and texturized (28% non-woven fabric, 72% PVC) and it could be cleaned easily with a damp cloth and mild soap.

In the pictures the most interesting lay-out suggested:

Doorpaper wallpapers collections cover doors

Instabilelab projects arise from the wish to create the most original environments, different and exclusive and with a great visual impact. Instabilelab loves challenge and never stops to revolutionize the common standard of the wallcoverings, pushing itself beyond the limits with thrilling, irreverent and unexpected projects which aim to amaze and captivate the audience.

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