PuccioCollodoro Architects  designed the CR Service.

PuccioCollodoro Architects designed the CR Service.

📅03 Luglio 2019, 12:57

CR Service is an auto part shop, located on ground floor of a residential building , in the West suburbs of Palermo.

The customer asked us to give a new look to his own shop, which is an old shop Landmark for the whole city. The unusual request to design an auto part shop, redirected the research towards a minimalism and industrial style.

CR Service Project PuccioCollodoro Architects

The materials choice was mainly suggested by the use resistance that these have to bear the accidental hits for the daily activity of mechanical parts, but also with the purpose of keeping an automotive mood. The counter looks like a monolithic block, it was realized entirely in black laminate, this kind of material contrasts chromatically with the volume realized in yellow metal sheet micro-perforated.

CR Service Project PuccioCollodoro Architects

The project was conceived with the aim to offer to the usual customers , not only sector specialist, a sell space them dedicated, completely revolutionized compared to the previous one, different from competitors because of the attention to details. If we took off the salve that are like scenery flat for the counter, we could think that we are in a coffee bar with industrial design from European Capitals.

CR Service Project PuccioCollodoro Architects

The counter is for sure the protagonist, with its monolithic look, dominates the entire sell space. The dark tone is contrasted by the yellow volumes in which you can identify the sellers. Realized with metallic frame work and micro- perforated metal sheet, same motif used for the doors behind the counter, that allow the entry in the storehouse. This kind of volumes remember a pop-industrial style. The technical false celling is characterized by black spotlights and led lamps, in tone with yellow color used in the metal sheet micro-perforated volumes.

Difficulties encountered and solution provided:

The main difficulty was to make interesting the design of an unconventional store, that usually doesn’t give sufficient consideration to the image. Another difficulty was the poor range of elements that we could choose to work: the counter and other elements were the only things that allowed us to work for the new image of the store.

Architectural firm: PuccioCollodoro Architetti
Team: Arch. Gianluca Puccio, Arch. Andrea Collodoro
Project name: C.R. Service
Location: Via Villa di Napoli 34, 90129 Palermo (PA)
Area: 130 mq
Photo: PuccioCollodoro Architetti
Construction company: A. G. Multiservizi
Administrative procedure: Studio Tecnico Vercio
Furniture: Ditta Artigiana Ganci Marcello

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