Decò Collection by Ferroluce

Collezione Lampade Decò di Ferroluce

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Decò represents, within the evolution of Ferroluce as a brand, the additional part of a jigsaw that was already extensive but was more focused on exploring a symbology that was more classic or vintage.

Conversely, through this additional lineup, efforts have been made to break free from already known aesthetic references in order to embrace an expressivity that is completely free and unique. Easy-to-read, iconic and at times minimal shapes bring out ceramic decorations that are rich and soft.

Decò Collection by Ferroluce

This is the common denominator of a series of products that were designed without ever losing sight of the inspiration brought about by fresh, airy, green and vital environments belonging to the domestic, working and catering sphere.

The end users of the product were also taken into consideration, as they are interested in a product that weaves together a set of values and images that intentionally do not focus on appropriation or on a specific stylistic code, but rather on the most authentic ”joie de vivre”.

Decò Collection by Ferroluce

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