AVRIL Boutiques

Avril boutiques by Atelier du Pont

ATELIER DU PONT completes the interior design of three Avril boutiques using all-natural materials and invites Où est le beau and Folks.

Three boutiques, Three materials

Like a small laboratory, Atelier du Pont is constantly testing new materials and assemblies to provide the most appropriate architectural solution for each project. For the three boutiques for the organic cosmetics brand Avril, Atelier du Pont has featured natural, biosourced materials: raw earth for the boutique on rue Montmartre in central Paris, cork for the shop in the Montparnasse train station, and vegetable fibers for the boutique in the Aéroville mall.

Atelier du Pont, Où est le beau and Folks

To bring the final touch to the design of the Avril boutiques, Atelier du Pont, architect and interior designer, called on the curator Où est le beau and the digital gallery and editor Folks. Together, in the space of a single day, they co-invited designers to exhibit their works in the boutiques, which included chestnut wood vases, paper sculptures made from eucalyptus bark, chamotte stoneware jars, stoneware and rattan containers, among others. It was a beautiful conversation between architecture, materials, and craftsmanship of various kinds. With pieces by: Elisa Uberti, Camille Esnée, Haeghen Paris, Léa Ginac, Valeria Vasi, Elodie Audureau, Superbe Céramique, Madeleine Oltra, Mat Na Paris, and Sonson Tingaud.


Rue Montmartre boutique, Paris

With a palette of ochre and rosewood tones, the interior features an interplay of sensual curves, velvety smooth surfaces, and elegant niches sculpted in clay. The raw earth was applied by hand to the walls, and it connects all these organic forms without any joints to generate a monolithic, authentic coating. It is encrusted with linen fiber, and it shines like an iridescent terracotta. The original stone is visible here and there, and the ochre-tinted concrete floor helps for a harmonious whole. The thin, metallic shelf displays are delicately encrusted into the clay.

AVRIL Boutiques by Atelier du Pont


Montparnasse Train Station, Paris

Biodegradable, rough, soft, natural, warm to the touch and to the eye, cork is the primary material on display at the Avril boutique located inside the Montparnasse train station. Visible on the walls and in the panels suspended from the ceiling, its texture softens the tumult of travel, blending in with the colors of the furniture and the round shapes of the mirrors. This vegetal surface creates a cozy, felted ambience for the two makeup bars at the entrance that entice people to come in and take a beauty break.

AVRIL Boutiques by Atelier du Pont


Aéroville Boutique

Along this theme of exploring materials, this boutique features vegetable fibers. The tones imitate the color palette and powdery nuances of a pink blush. To enliven the double height of the space, large, undulating bamboo-fiber mats hang from the ceiling. The organically shaped furniture in the center of the space encourages people to circulate and discover the products. A large wooden display case in natural wood echoes the curve of the woven mats and adds a sense of warmth and the tactile that is emblematic of this biosourced material.

AVRIL Boutiques by Atelier du Pont

Anne-Cécile Comar and Philippe Croisier, the two founding partners of Atelier du Pont, have surrounded themselves with a dynamic team of some 40 talented professionals. The studio is constantly reflecting on new ways of living, working and relaxing to create spaces that are creative and inspiring. Each project is a new adventure. Atelier du Pont uses a holistic approach. Whether the studio is building a small 15m² boutique or a 10,000m² building, it works on each and every aspect, from the architecture, to the urban planning, interior design, furniture design, artistic direction, space planning, and beyond…

Photos courtesy Vincent Leroux