Bad Reputation Architects designs Motorrika Store in Moscow

Bad Reputation Architects designes Motorrika Store

Motorrika is a network of multi-brand stores specialising in selling motorcycles and motorcycle equipment, with brand like Kawasaki, Dainese, Sidi and Spidi.

Located in Moscow, this is their first store to receive an updated design.

The principal clientele of the store accustomed to modern shopping malls experiences, and they expect nothing less from a motorcycle dealership: the store needs to be fresh, modern and less associated with the traditional motorcycle culture.

Bad Reputation Architects designes Motorrika Store

The architects used light grey metal sheets for walls, which is not often seen in retail spaces: a material not really expected to be seen fits fine here and complements the general atmosphere of the space. Contrast with the other stores within the same mall works well to set the store aside in a particular way and serves to entice visitors to enter.

Additionally, bespoke graphical patterns for Motorrika were designed inspired by the company’s logo and identity which is used on racing tracks. Those are present in various subsections of the store from the main area to the cash desk to the fitting room.

Bad Reputation Architects designes Motorrika Store

Bad Reputation architects also added playfulness to the store by adding brand stickers to the fitting room and client zone. These give an immediate effect of ease with a tinge of irony along with a subtle nod to motorcycle culture.

The multi-brand store profile required adjustable shelves, so are designed a very flexible system of store equipment where both shelves and hooks are height-adjustable. Displays can be set up in one or two layers depending on the price range and seasonality. End and front displays are both possible. The system additionally allows for shelves to present rider glasses, with a capacity for assorted goods – whilst it’s also possible to easily enhance displays with photographic materials or organise promotional collections.

For lighting, spotlights of two types were used. First type is a narrow beam used to light the equipment and the second type is a wider rectangular beam pointed at the motorcycles in the centre of the store. That way only the actual goods were lit to minimise distractions.

Bad Reputation Architects designes Motorrika Store

Location: Moscow, Russia
Area: 200 sqm
Design: Bad Reputation
Designer: Alex Feskov
Photos: Sergey Melnikov