Studio Intu signs Zvika Wallpapers new showroom

Zvika Wallpapers new showroom wants to give its customers a unique and intriguing experience

Zvika Wallpapers new showroom wants to give its customers a unique and intriguing experience.

Studio Intu signs Zvika Wallpapers new showroom

Rotem Omer and Natali Toledano, owners of Studio Intu, which specializes in designing commercial spaces, designed a space for the brand that is based on the values of innovation and inspiration and seeks to bring a new line to the world of coverings.

The building in Rishon Lezion, Israel, has an industrial appearance. The design concept allows it to remain as such, and uses the rough nature to create a design experience supports with color and graphic textures.

The design draws inspiration from the global super brands, which often use bright color spots in the brand’s visual design, but makes it accessible to the general public and creates a space that invites and motivates all customers to action.The design concept emphasizes a stimulating and intriguing customer experience and the creation of separate spaces without compromisingin the entirety of the entire space.

Studio Intu signs Zvika Wallpapers new showroom

The space hosts both a professional audience of architects and designers as well as private clients. Therefore, the need was to adapt to different audiences, While giving emphasis to the history of the well known brand that exists for more than 40 years.

The store space includes 2 floors and extends to a total size of 260 square meters, designed as an open space with delicate borders and invites you to wander and view the changing collection which is presented by the display walls.

Throughout the space, the eye will encounter at any given moment intense spots of color in a combination of changing graphics and textures. However, there is a delicate balance that aims to keep the space pleasant for the user.

The main emphasis was placed on the central circular space, which serves as a consultation and deliberation space, a kind of “workroom” where you can get an impression of the samples of the materials and the catalogs. Bounded by round walls on which a changing collection of graphics is displayed, enables a pleasant and stimulating experience for customers.

Zvika Wallpapers

The wallpaper display wall was designed as display walls with a thick frame, slightly removed from the wall, with accent lighting. The space surrounding them was painted dark gray, and the corners of the space were rounded in order to maintain a soft and circular customer path.

The space allows for different seating options for choosing wallpapers and finishing materials. For example, the coffee corner, for which the green color was chosen to complement the orange color, contains a bar which is also used as a place to sit and entertain customers. Upstairs you can find a designed and quiet work area for customers who are looking for a little more privacy.

The impressive appearance of the double space is heard through the use of the blurring of the boundaries between the floors, the use of accumulation strips and white spots and the limitation of the infrastructure hanging from the ceiling.

The designers add: “In today’s era, brands have to be smart and reinvent themselves every time. We are in favor of going with the concept to the end, inventing an experience that is unique to the brand and strengthening the relationship between the customer and the brand while visiting the physical space.”

Zvika Wallpapers new showroom

Studio Intu specializes in designing stores, commercial spaces and businesses while providing a significant customer experience.

Client: Zvika Wallpapers
Location: Rishon Lezion, Israel
Planning and design: Studio Intu
Photos: Tamir Rogowski