Deporvillage opened their first live experience in Alcorcon Madrid

Deporvillage opened their first live experience in Alcorcon Madrid

In omnichannel retail, the online offer can be a convenient fulfilment platform, but physical retail can be a very effective customer acquisition space. In the physical space, brand ambassadors get a chance to interact with potential consumers face to face, to understand their needs and fulfil their ambitions.

The online cycling trader Deporvillage has just opened their first live experience in Alcorcon Madrid with a 1000 sq m store within their partner brand Sprinter recent new launch, both designed by Dalziel & Pow.

Deporvillage opened their first live experience in Alcorcon Madrid

The concept brings the best of Deporvillage’s online offer to life with the addition of services that can only be delivered in the physical space.

At the heart of the offer is a sense of community, the ability to dig deeper into the Deporvillage service model with workshops, a relaxed coffee lounge, bike fitting services, bike customisation, technology advice and a focus on E-bikes, all to help the customer make informed choices.

The store occupies the upper level of this destination store, accessed by lift and stairs and dropping back down into the Sprinter offer with a spiralling slide.

The product on offer is comprehensive.

As well as an extensive range of cycles that covers a range of categories including Road, MTB, Gravel and e-bikes, there is a significant range of cycling components and accessories, a selection of clothing from key brands, a comprehensive range of cycling shoes, a kids offer and a showcase of smart technology to complete any purchase. Everything for every cyclist, whatever their needs.

Deporvillage opened their first live experience in Alcorcon Madrid

E-bikes are a growing share of the product range at Deporvillage and that is highlighted in a promotional focal frame, a steel framed 4m by 4m beacon. This frame is repeated to promote brands and services around the store. A call out for any unique specialism.

As Deporvillage is principally an online offer, shopping the extended range online is a major consideration. Consultants are on hand to advise within the in-store Cafe , talking through what might be needed to get people mobile and how they might finance more valuable purchases.Within the space are a number of services and experiences, including – 

Bike tech:
A space where customers can test on cycling turbo trainers and discover virtual training sessions to help each cyclist push their boundaries. 

Bike fit:
A personalized service to help find the perfect match between rider and bike, helping improve any cyclist’s performance by adjusting the bike to their body measurements.

Bike lab:
A Workshop service that offers levels of service, depending on the needs of the rider and their bike, being either; Amateur, Pro or World tour.

The space is dramatic, in contrast to its neighbour Sprinter.

Sprinter is principally a white space with darker focal points. Depovillage is a darker space with white focal call-outs. A similar aesthetic with very different outcomes.

On arrival, you can see the wide vista of the broader offer, but the white framed beacons act as punctuation, breaking up the journey and adding interest.

Navigation is intuitive, aided by suspended red lights indicating the walkway without fixing it with any floor change. The layout and fixturing is flexible and future-proof, creating a very sustainable concept where the space can flex to accommodate future product developments without major disruption or investment.

Deporvillage opened their first live experience in Alcorcon Madrid

Dalziel & Pow have been responsible for the total experience, creating the communications and environmental design, and working closely with the Deporvillage team to bring it to life.

Customer reaction has been universally positive. The impact of the brand in-real-life is a very positive experience for those familiar with the brand and successfully introduces it to new ‘fans of the future’.

There is a notion in these post-covid times that ‘presence equals market share’, Deporvillage may just prove that point.