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The New Brand Space of Jason Wu

Since its establishment of Jason Wu in 2007 by a Chinese-American designer, the brand has consistently engaged in a dialogue with fashion through art, devoted to capturing the multifaceted strength of women. It expresses a confident and fearless feminine essence in its fashion, conveying the refined elegance that characterize the brand.

SLT creates a completely new brand space for Jason Wu in China

The first store is situated within the International Finance Square in Chengdu. The fluidity of the curved walls delicately embraces the space, creating a naturally open and expansive store layout. The gentle curves extend and flow, evoking an inherent rhythm in the undulating space. Thoughts follow the change of gaze, exploring inward and expanding outward.

SLT translates the recurring three-dimensional flowers and distinctive contours from the brand’s runway shows into flexible and potent geometric forms. Moments of blossoming thoughts are captured throughout the space, establishing a “spiritual garden” that mirrors the inner world. Elements such as lightweight panel-shaped walls, and curved countertops and hanging rods connect viewpoints, creating a freely flowing spatial sequence. As one strolls through this space, Jason Wu’s elegance and romance gradually unfold.

SLT creates a completely new brand space for Jason Wu in China
Flexible and potent lightweight panel-shaped walls

The design prioritizes simplicity, steering clear of excessive ornamentation and allowing the clothing to take center stage

This approach embodies the essence of minimalism in the brand space. A pink velvet color tone establishes the backdrop for Jason Wu’s fresh brand space, seamlessly integrating various textures to create a gentle and serene atmosphere.

Tobacco-colored carpets define strategic areas such as window displays and haute couture sections. The interplay of soft pink fabric and black wood grain panels symbolizes the dual nature of femininity, presenting both a graceful exterior and inner strength. Elegance and confidence harmonize in this intricate design.

new brand space for Jason Wu in China
Haute couture section and lounge area

In crafting Jason Wu’s new brand space, the contours of all props mirror the structural cuts of the fashion pieces. The design of cutting-angles for exquisite sculptures, employs a unified detail language to strike a balance between volume and breath in the space, and conveys the brand’s emotional assertion of “embracing imperfection” in details, where elegance and authenticity gracefully dance from within.

A sophisticated lighting system enriches the experiential journey, creating a garden-like ambiance. Prismatic lights set the stage for window displays, while concealed light strips delicately trace curves under clothing rods. Ceiling soft films mimic the natural flow of light, and programmable light films, as digital variations of decoration walls, simulating the inspiration and thoughts flowing within the depths of the heart, dynamically express the brand’s vitality and inspiration.

sophisticated lighting system
The sophisticated lighting system

Engaging in a dialogue with oneself through fashion, exploring the inner depths, and connecting with the authentic soul of nature, the design seeks to unearth the strength within and embrace one’s true and distinctive “Inner being.

Location: Chengdu
Area: 102 sqm
Designer: SLT Design
Main Designer: Chen Ling
Design Team: Shanshan Jiang, Yaqian Cai, Chao Tang, Qian Zhang
Photos courtesy: Vincent Wu


SLT Design was founded in 2013 by Chen Ling, currently based in Shanghai and has branches in Hong Kong and Seattle (United States). It is committed to making cross-disciplinary vanguard ideologies and sustainable creative strategies accessible for spatial evolution. The projects of SLT encompass commercial interior design, architectural design, retail SI system creation and dynamic iteration, brand vision and business strategy consulting, etc. SLT actively promotes close cooperation with well-known artists, cutting-edge technology service providers, and innovative materials research laboratories for in-depth research and development.
SLT (Something Like That) embraces borderless design with an inclusive attitude, responds to design demands with precise solutions, upgrades the existing business model to a more dynamic level, and gives it unlimited possibilities beyond expectations.