Vestel Istanbul by Dalziel and Pow

Vestel Istanbul by Dalziel and Pow

📅01 Novembre 2012, 21:04

The Turkish technology market is dominated by locally operated independent stores, backed by a few big manufacturers and distributors. This strategy has led to many poor stores offering not much more than an open stockroom, albeit supported by very personal service. For Vestel, the largest manufacturer of home technology products in Turkey, that is about to change.

A new concept has been launched in Istinye Park, a prime shopping centre in the heart of Istanbul. The total concept, 3D, 2D and digital, has been created by Dalziel and Pow with implementation by Vestel and their local agents.

Vestel Istanbul by Dalziel and Pow

From the exterior the offer immediately feels different. The traditional fascia has been replaced by full-height glazing, with the Vestel logo positioned low on the glass. A new ‘V’ logo has been created to sign the store from a distance – a moving sign, which pulses in waves of LED, creates a highlight across the surface.

The window displays are minimal, emphasising the new store beyond. The ‘open stockroom’ approach is to be replaced by a new showroom concept, which inspires customers to browse, play and get engaged with the brand.

The new store is clearly divided into two zones: the technology aisle that runs from the front of the store to an ‘experience pod’ at the back, and a home zone that carries the high volume ranges, from cooking to dishwashing, washing-machines and refrigeration. Small goods are merchandised within their appropriate zone, with audio and mobile in technology and small appliances in home.

The concept is simple and easy to navigate, bringing a clarity to the experience.

Vestel Istanbul by Dalziel and Pow

Throughout the journey the store gives the shopper inspiration and information, grabbing their attention and encouraging them to try and to buy.

To the right-hand wall of the offset entrance a full-height modular digital screen shows a constant loop of ever changing messages, focused around the superb quality TV advertising the brand has commissioned in the last year. You are led to the dark and dramatic technology space, which showcases an authoritative range of televisions.

Vestel manufactures the largest volume of TVs in Europe and is justifiably proud of their strength in this category. To the left, an edited range of the vast home catalogue is introduced, with a live kitchen that can host events or demos at any time in the future.

The service is positioned at the heart of the store within an ‘innovation wrap’ that frames the centre of the space and provides a product break to highlight key characteristics of each range.  Previously hand-written fluorescent price cards are replaced by a new POS system that clearly identifies price and product benefits – an indication of just how far Vestel has come in such a short time.

Vestel Istanbul

If a brand were ever empowered to employ digital it is Vestel, with their reputation for innovation and expertise. Digital is integrated at all touch-points in the concept, from the external large-scale screens providing impact, to the internal showcases that deliver inspiration, or the desktop tablets and screens delivering information and transaction. This is a digital model that has been very carefully created to maximise on investment.

The space has been built by VRM Plus, who introduced us to Vestel in January 2012 and the complete process took just eight months, from brief to launch. Early indications are that this reinvention has added greatly to the strength of the Vestel brand. Additional stores featuring the new concept have already been opened and further flagships are planned for the near future.

Vestel Istanbul by Dalziel and Pow

Project Vestel
Istinye Park Istanbul, Turkey
220 sqm
Design Dalziel+Pow

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