De los Austrias Pharmacy, Madrid.

The Farmacia de los Austrias (De los Austrias Pharmacy) is placed in one of the most emblematic areas of historical Madrid.

The initial idea of the architectural Stone Designs Studio was to create a new space typology, in which tradition and vanguard merge in such a subtle way that originate a slow and deliberate dialogue in which no element stands out of the rest, creating an almost musical harmony.

De los Austrias Pharmacy Madrid

Products are displayed in really thin metallic structures standing in the bluish walls, creating a sweet and warm chromatic range that makes us feel at ease. This space transmits that we are attended by real professionals, but with a more human touch than usual.

Some details such as the white marble counter help to strengthen the concept of the “well down job” that oozes the old; while other materials like the tiled floor, embrace us in a warm and close atmosphere. It is a project in which, due to its nature and small size, even the slightest detail has been taken care of, creating an enormous sensory universe that makes the visitor  enjoy a most gratifying experience.


Stone Designs
is the story of two creators (Cutu Mazuelos 1973 and Eva Prego 1974), and their career spanning over fifteen-years. During all this time, they have developed an enormous variety of projects creating a wide client base which includes such well-known companies as Muji, Lexus, Coca Cola, Women’secret and De Beers.
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