IDEA TV – Digital Signage designed to suit your requirements.

IDEA TV – Digital Signage designed to suit your requirements.

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We provide excitement, involve people, arouse interest, stimulate ideas, promote initiatives, create new opportunities, retain customer loyalty and boost business.

IdeaTV offers a wide range of hardware and software solutions that make it possible to create innovative glass walls for Digital advertising, both on a local and national scale, by uploading data onto a Cloud platform.


We provide the immediate benefits of practical technologies offered by a careful selection of international partners with firmly established reputations in Europe and further afield in order to have all the instruments to create digital networks which can be scaled over time.

It is not possible to provide a succinct definition of a universal Digital Signage formula because it would go against our philosophy; these are tailor-made customized projects that have to be designed by experts with experience in the world of advertising and specialist knowledge of the technologies of Digital Signage Out of Home.

There is one common central element: the server with software makes it possible to manage the contents and arrange them at will into different formats, distributed to customers who will reproduce the playlist. The playlist can be dynamic but also interactive, leading to greater involvement of the end user in your information source.

How do you measure attention and interest? The answer is simple: by using audience measurement software, creating updated reports that can provide key information such as the number of people who see your message, the target audience subdivided according to gender and age category, and the time slots when the attention span of audiences is at its highest.

The reports are immediate and precise. The statistical data will make it possible to improve the efficiency of programme schedules. So far we have described the “tools of the trade” of the advertising industry. Our customers will appreciate the appeal of the digital totem poles, both for indoor and outdoor applications. Our outdoor systems are designed to work in the worst weather conditions and in direct sunlight – they even come with an anti-vandal structure! And to captivate and involve both adults and children, we have interactive floor and wall systems which turn a playful moment into an effective form of business promotion.

In terms of special effects, people will remain speechless when they watch 3D films without using special glasses: our 3D monitors have this special feature and can involve a large audience at any time without the need for uncomfortable glasses. IdeaTV always has new ideas and products for the advertising industry and aims to meet all your needs.

An interactive world.

In a constantly changing environment, the last few years have seen a sudden change in the use of technology with an exponential increase in interactive media. Even until relatively recently, it was hard to imagine that mobiles and cash points would become interactive and as widely used as they are today.

This is why IdeaTV has decided to invest in the future and keep up-to-date by incorporating cutting edge, interactive instruments into its line of hardware and software. These visually striking products have been designed to attract the attention of visitors who will be viewing something that will seem to project them into the remote future. Let’s imagine for a moment that we are entering a place where a small-scale football pitch is projected onto the floor with a ball in the middle. Let’s now try to kick the ball. Incredibly, we find that the ball actually moves in the direction we have kicked it.

Is this really possible? It certainly is thanks to the IdeaTV Interactive Floor.

IdeaTV Interactive Floor

The football pitch is just one of the already existing options that can be loaded onto the interactive floor. It can be used in many different ways by moving objects projected onto the foreground which reveal images in the background, or by walking on a virtual pond and watching the fish with every step you take.

Obviously, it is also possible to create specially customised projections. Let’s now suppose that we can transfer what we have imagined for the floor, using different procedures (therefore excluding the football pitch), onto a vertical wall-based support, or onto a glass wall in a museum, a trade show, a store, a cinema or a theatre. We offer both an Interactive Wall and an Interactive Glass Wall.

These instruments have great potential and a high fun factor which can involve the spectator by creating a fascinating atmosphere made up of colour and light. Lastly, let’s imagine we are entering a bar or the hall of a hotel and we find ourselves in front of the reception desk. On the horizontal surface there are a series of monitors, covered with a sheet of glass, which project moving images that create surprising interactive effects when our hands pass over it. This is exactly what the Interactive Desk is like. We have a wide range of systems and our many products, both interactive and non-interactive, will meet the requirements of our customers’ needs as comprehensively as possible.

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