TRIZO21 architectural lighting.

Trizo21 is a Belgian company that designs and manufactures contemporary lighting fixtures of the highest quality which can be used for a large variety of lighting applications.

The architectural lighting of Trizo21 translates light into shapes to create an atmosphere, a concept, a project. Like the quality of the lens does for a camera, the material of the fixture  determines the definition and quality of the image. However, the talent of the person who captures the image –the light designer– settles the matter. With 15 years of know-how and expertise, Bruno Van Meenen created his design and production company for architectural lighting in 2001. Back then –and still today– Trizo21 stood for handmade high quality lighting fixtures. Entirely Belgian, the designs are simple but tastefully executed, with a twist of happy optimism. For Trizo21 architectural lighting is pure, without unnecessary fringes. As designers they focus on technical perfection, quality of the material and finishing touches. Rather than opting for impressive designs, for innovative functionality. As an example, Trizo21 uses solid aluminium for its products, which results in seamless fixtures for any interior and exterior application. In 2005 they added the eco-friendly LED-technology to its range. From that moment on, the leitmotiv has been creating the ultimate LED sensation, which resulted in a wide range of exciting designs for recessed and built-up applications.The excellent quality of this architectural lighting finds general favour worldwide. The Trizo21 light solutions for shops, offices and residential areas are distributed trough a wide range of suppliers. As an independent lighting producer they don’t have to make any concessions on quality and creativity. As part of their corporate culture, Trizo21 relies on the absolute trust of its partner network represented in about 20 different countries. Through new suppliers they are now preparing to shape the future in new markets.

design by Hans Verstuyft
Trizo21 Austere

The essence of light. A graceful gesture, pure in form, clear in function. A bell of light reminiscent of a Chinese lantern, a small and simple lamp. It gets a specific character that seems to feel at home anywhere. The power of simplicity makes it a natural object but with a mysterious stratification. The construction of the armature is subtle and functional. With a limited number of parts, varied models are available for ceiling, table, wall and floor, giving each model the same finesse.

design by Bruno Van Meenen
Trizo 21 Bouly 16

A new version of the Bouly built-in. The fixture is subtle and functional. Bouly 16 is made of transparent PMMA with a built-in LED array. Which results in a nice beam of light and a high light output. This recessed lamp is suitable for interior and exterior use and among other ideal for bathrooms thanks to its high IP value.

design by Luc Ramael
Trizo 21 Lipps

LIPPS catches the light inside a floating, stylised ring and gives the space indirect lighting. With its plain design and a subdued colourlessness, this armature can discretely complete any interior. Due to its specific shape, the possible colour combinations and the various sizes, the LIPPS series can also invite playful light compositions and variations, in private homes as well as in public spaces. LIPPS has a perfect finish, equipped with a LED light source and available as a suspended, wall and ceiling armature in three diameters: Ø 200mm, Ø 300mm and Ø 600mm.
Colours: black, oxide, quartz and white.

design by Bruno Van Meenen
Trizo 21 Naga

Nãga is Sanskrit for a class of supernatural beings in Buddhism and Hinduism that often take the shape of a snake or dragon. Outside Buddhism and Hinduism, Nagas are also considered mythical creatures. Naga is also the name of the latest model of Trizo21. Thanks to its stylised shapes and flawless finish it is more of an object rather than just a light. Due to the clever use of qualitative materials and the integration of high-tech components, this quite compact ceiling armature guarantees exuberant lighting that also meets all requirements of the colour rendition index. The Naga is available in a variety of finishes and contains a (replaceable) LED array that is driven by a constant current of 500mA, uses only 16W and still generates more than 1200 lumen with a pleasant 2700K and with a CRI of at least 90.

design by Olga Bielawska
Trizo 21 Sirens

Sirens is a combination of outstanding mirrors and light objects, that attract attention in a poetic way. The elegant silhouette is combined with shiny copper and extends into the living space bringing the mirrors and the ambient light aesthetically to the front. The Sirens can be applied in different ways, to the wall or ceiling, as suspension, separately or in composition.

They exist in three dimensions (Ø 161mm, Ø 210mm, Ø 265mm) and in different variations, as a mirror, a lighting object or a lighted mirror. These models are available in different finishes: copper, black, white and RAL colours on demand.

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