Connections are Everything – WIELAND at Retail Design Expo 2016.

Connection experts Wieland Electric will be demonstrating the benefits of the new gesis® MINI connector system on stand G20 at Retail Design Expo.

Wieland Retail Design Expo

With the trend towards miniaturization gesis® MINI is an innovative compact pluggable installation system with a low profile and compact dimensions. At just 23mm wide, the 3 pole gesis® MINI connector is just 70% of the size of the standard 3 pole gesis® CON connector, making it ideal for discrete lighting installations.

Wieland’s gesis® NRG flat cable system is ideal for quick and simple installation of power distribution and lighting control in retail applications.   Speed of installation is achieved through the use of Wieland’s “piercing technology” which enables connections to be made with the use of power-driven tools, thus minimising the costs of any on-site labour, whilst also offering increased choice and flexibility of design. The flat cable (available in 3 variations) also ensures for easy routing around corners which means gesis® NRG requires less installation space than other systems, so that fewer constraints are placed on the positioning and configuration of other elements. Compared to traditional electrical systems, gesis® NRG facilitates fast-track fit-outs and refits and has proved to be very popular in the retail sector.

Wieland’s gesis® GST 18 system is now available in 6 pole and offers installation and maintenance cost savings of up to 30% and installation time reductions of up to 70%. The system also provides numerous additional benefits including the flexibility and reusability of its components and the range can easily be adapted to suit any layout. The gesis® electrical installation system consists of 2 to 6 pole, coded plug connectors, ribbon and round cables as well as a large number of distributors, couplings, infeed adapters, device terminals as well as electronic components and assemblies for building automation. All components are industry prefabricated and tested and have been designed for mains power supply, extra-low voltage, BUS systems or signal voltage.

Wieland will also take the opportunity to demonstrate reduced build time for retailers in store refurbishment or new build with the use of modular wiring and its many advantages over conventional wiring. These include greatly reduced time and installation costs, a wide choice of wiring configurations that ensure maximum choice and flexibility in design and the integration of fieldbus technology which enables the use of energy-saving, intelligent lighting control.