DODICI DODICI Food Boutique Lodi – Italy

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Just in the heart of the old town of Lodi (near Milan) arose this project, where the owners combined two types of products exactly opposite ones: craft beers with comfits and favours.

Dodici Dodici Food Boutique

The idea was to separate the articles, not in the physical sense, but perceptive, by defining the spaces by colors (dark gray on one side and white on the other, combining the furnishing system with the same wood essence.
The final result is minimal and quite functional, in an homogeneous spatial experience, but at the same time personalized, depending on the corner.

MARGstudio dodici dodici lodi

Completely customized and designed by MARGstudio the furnishing system, and manufactured by local craftsmen, using mainly wood for benches, wall displays, or display for comfits, and iron for the table and window displaying system

The interior design MARGstudio founds its activity on projects in the architectural sector. The office, founded by Annalisa Grasselli and Matteo Rota Architects, is a creative workshop expressing new tasteful and refined solutions: a case history full of design competitions, choice of materials and efficiency.

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