One Idea Outlet Shanghai

One Idea Outlet Shanghai

📅13 Luglio 2016, 14:53

One Idea is a chain brand for homeware.

One_Idea-RIGI-design-teamOne Idea is a newly-established brand, the client consigns RIGI Design to conduct pre-research into the relevant industry and set up the brand through SI&VI. Through its analysis on the new social demands, integration in demand and channel, RIGI determines the brand as provision of life experience, a diversified platform to satisfy consumer’s demand of social role and life experience.

The designers conduct in-depth discussion on modern life model and demand. The One Idea Outlet adopts the combination of comprehensive scenario display and item display to create a sensitive life scenario that is subject to changes according to the theme changes. Several white materials with different textures are shown in the open store space that is dotted with blues, adding interest and sense of layers in the bright, neat and cozy space.

The diversity and richness of homeware products determine the usage of different display methods adopted. RIGI takes the product types into consideration, makes reasonable allocation, provides the solution with generalized modeling and multi-display methods.

The application of visual system such as the illustration at the entrance and cashier, posters at the entrance and the blackboard drawings at the cashier are all indicators of the designers’ unique ingenuity.

Name: One Idea Outlet Shanghai
Type: Homeware & Grocery
Designer: Kai Liu, RIGI Design team
Design Company: RIGI Design
Area: 200mq
Location: Shanghai, China
Photographer: Jack Wen


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