FLOWBOX the new dynamic display for the retail sector.

FLOWBOX display dinamici settore retail


Flowbox is a new generation of LED displays that combines high quality printed textiles with motion effects and dynamic animation.

Tailor-made for the retail sector, brands can now embrace the “flow” to create a unique and dynamic atmosphere in-store.

Flowbox provides stores with endless creative options for visual merchandising by creating an interplay between static display and motion effects via digital programing.

Each LED light can be programed individually using advanced RGB LED technology to create different lighting effects. The digital effects can be as subtle as tonal variations or ongoing contrasting colour changes to action based animation.

The chosen effects come programmed on a SD card that has to be inserted into the Flowbox meaning it is easy to update.
FLOWBOX display dinamici settore retail


  • Simplicity: in line with Kendu’s Smartframe range, Flowbox offers stores a high quality textile combined with programmed visual content that can be easily changed and updated.
  • Creativity Flowbox can create a different look & feel for the store depending on different campaigns with the printed textiles. It creates a vibrant and entertaining in-store display
  • Effectiveness: capture customer attention with a more interactive and captivating presentation than standard light boxes
  • Efficiency: flowbox can provide considerable savings when compared to a traditional LED displays. Updating visual and video content is straight forward and user friendly.
  • Customisation: each Flowbox can be manufactured to have a black, gold, silver or wooden finish or matched to a specific RAL colour.

Available in 6 standard sizes, Flowbox uses the Smartframe Kit system so it’s efficient to ship and set up. Flowbox can be assembled in four easy steps:

  1. Lock the Smartframe pieces together with the clip system
  2. Attach the textile
  3. Plug in the programmed SD card
  4. Switch on the Flowbox and the content plays automatically.www.flow-box.com

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