THE OTHER ROOM by Lagranja Design Studio.

The Other Room by LaGranja

The Other Room is born to become one of the best cocktail lounges of Singapore.

Placed under the luxurious Marriot Hotel, it will be unique in its singular approach to the cocktail discipline, serving a great variety of cask-finished spirits.

The Other Room by LaGranja
Lagranja Design had the pleasure of designing its interiors, aimed to embody the most classic aesthetic but renovated and twisted.

The squared space, that can be entered through both the Marriot’s lobby or the street, is encircled by curtains that help to preserve the atmosphere untouched.

Once inside, the space is so to speak, divided in two areas. At the main entrance, a black marbled bar containing two cocktail stations stand under a golden and pink brass backlighted wall-shelf.

From its top, a great amount of wax-lamps specially made for this project, crown the showcased bottled spirits.
The Other Room by LaGranjaThe visitor will be able to read a Harry Johnson’s inscription at the bar while seated in one of the three unique trunk handmade stools designed and brought to Singapore from Spanish woods.

Following the purpose of enlarging the limited size perception of the space and creating a magical atmosphere, the rest of the cocktail bar consists of a large perimeter sofa bordered by a two-way mirror glass.

It unveils a display of carefully selected vintage glassware that together with a sum of unexpected details, touches of vibrant colors and the described custommade objects provide wonderment and surprise to the old and traditional cocktail bar appearance.
The Other Room by LaGranjaLast but not least, a large golden cocktail shaker sculpture hanging from the ceiling till reaching the floor has been placed amid the sofas to round up the sophisticated The Other Room concept. It has also become the icon of the space’s graphic identity, also designed by Lagranja.

LaGranja Design studio is characterized by their unique pieces of furniture specially designed to every single work—superb craftmanship and the finest materials are the core of their projects.

In this case, pieces such as: the Hand-Carving Wooden Stools, the Shaker and the “Candle” Lamp are signature pieces to this project.
The Other Room by LaGranjaThe wooden stool: this piece was specially designed to this project, hand-carved in wood by Enrich Fontaner, Industrial Designer at LaGranja.